The Next Event: Destruction on a Massive Scale


To the untrained eye, it would appear that the masses are waking up. People are becoming more informed. Local news stations are talking more about what used to be called “conspiracy theories”. Our opposition to further war in the Middle East has been noted and a crisis in Syria has been temporarily averted. The United States public seems to have achieved a small victory, right?

To the trained eye, this is called diminishing returns. The old tactics used to deceive and manipulate the emotions of the public have become less effective over time. Does this mean that we are winning the fight, or that something more sinister is on the way?

The Next Event Destruction on a Massive Scale

The Weakening of the False Flag

A false flag is an attack that is meant to deceive the public into believing that it was carried out by a person or group other than those who are actually responsible. The purpose is to gain support from the public against those who are blamed for the attack to justify action against them. Those truly responsible for false flags are a topic heavily debated but I will refer to them as the elite.

In the past, when the vast majority of the public used the MSM as their sole source of information, a false flag was extremely effective. However, people now have access to more sources of information and have become increasingly skeptical. This has been underscored by the most recent lack of American support for military action in the Middle East, along with an unprecedented amount of skepticism regarding the shooting in Aurora, Co and the Boston Marathon bombing.

With the internet today, it has become almost impossible to prove or disprove any specific event unless it is experienced first-hand. All it takes is some well-crafted disinformation to discredit and make the masses second guess what actually happened, or if an event even happened at all.

An Event that will Shock Even Those that are “Awake”

So if the elite really are behind some of the most horrific events in recent history, how would they further their agenda in today’s world? It would take an event or series of events that directly affects the entire American public. An event so devastating that it would overwhelm the senses. It would have to hit close to home and trigger an emotional response so strong that even skeptical Americans would ignore the possibility of the elites involvement.

What kind of event would accomplish all of the above? The type of event that preppers have been getting ready for. An EMPnuclear bomb, and chemical attack are a few things that come to mind. It really is anyone’s guess as the elite would likely try to be as unpredictable as possible.

The scariest part though, is what could follow such an event.

The Aftermath

We have all heard about the NDAA, government ammo purchases, FEMA coffins, etc. I could go on for days with more examples but I think you get the point. In the wake of a truly horrifying disaster, the masses would be vulnerable and easily mislead once again. All it would take is some simple staged aggression towards the government from “truthers” or “extremists” after a major event to issue in the new era of martial law and FEMA meal plans.

You might not even be that lucky if you are on the government’s terrorist list. I guess you shouldn’t have purchased that value pack of protein bars!

Buckle Up

If the elites are responsible for false flags in the past, there is no doubt that they will do whatever it takes to further their agenda. “Whatever it takes” could be one hell of a major disaster given the growing number of Americans that are waking up.

While I believe we should all celebrate the growing awareness of the masses, we must remain vigilant. The elite are watching the masses too, and they aren’t celebrating…

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  1. Any false flag that happens in a major city IN NO WAY affects me. A nuke, dirty or big boom type, chemical agents, or a 9/11 style event only affects those that are stupid enough to live in major cities in this day and age. And most times those cities are full of jews and other non-Whites so good riddance anyway. I was surprised when the jews picked NYC, their “Izrael outside Izrael” to do 9/11 until I realized how perfectly controlled it was and how much they benefited from it – Larry Silverstein made a buttload of money, the jew stock players made a buttload of money, and of course the “we are all izraelis now” was cemented firmly in American culture that day as well as the establishment of the draconian laws and losses of freedom for us.

    Nope, blow it up! It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. It means less ammo I have to waste when the time comes.

    • doesntmatter says:

      it only takes one bullet to power you all the way down….just don’t forget, you wont be the only one with them o_o

  2. janara says:

    the internet they “made” to spy on us, now spy back on them. lol

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