The Obama Conspiracy (Part 1) – Michelle Obama a Man


The first documentary film that proves Michelle Obama is a man, and Barack Obama is a homosexual, this is all covered up by the media. Joan Rivers murdered …


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  1. Evan Gelist says:

    What did Micheal oops Michelle say to Barack on the night of their 3rd date"Ar you know I'm a dude right"

  2. bottom line is you have two black queens in the whitehouse k.
    have a nice day merica

  3. Tahititoutou says:

    As far as I"m concerned, the job of a president is to run the country efficiently and successfully. If he or she does that, he or she is a good president, if he or she doesn't. then he or she ain't.

    Now, when we look at the accomplishments of the Bush (Republican) administration and those of the Obama (Democrat), the difference is staggering! Almost every statistic was bas under Bush and the foreign policies were such that the USA were gradually losing all but one of their allies : the only ally that did not take careful distances was Tony Blair's Britain. Under Obama, not only the stats are excellent, but ALL USA allies came back. THAT, good results, and nothing else, is the definition of a good president. If Republican readers don't agree with that definition, I will remind them the the GOP pretends to justify their position by the Bible and to be able to judge good from evil ; and the Bible is clear on that point : "Thou shall judge a tree by its fruits".

    So, to tell you the truth, I don't give a %$#@ whether Michelle Obama is a woman, a man, a dog or a Martian ; nor whether Barack is hetero, homo, bi, or makes love with dogs and cows : his fruits, his results prove he is a good president, much much better anyways those of the self-declared "God guided" Bush, and that is all I ask from a president.


    The rest is none of my (nor your) business.

  4. Steve Guzman says:

    Can we say you are all cookoo for coco puffs

  5. MORE MORE MORE!!! PARANOID PIG SHIT,True Conspiracy,Brother of Alex Jones,prffsrx,Jason A,Ryan Sorba,Scott Lively and ASSORTED OTHER FILTH

  6. LFC YNWA says:

    Straight,Gay,Black,White,Man,Woman. It doesn't matter, EVIL Comes in all shapes and sizes. PERIOD!

  7. The world is going to hell in a hand bag because of these videos. Imagine being the Obama's and having to explain these videos to your children! Get a life please! Comedy has a place, but this is going way to far folks.

  8. Also, even if she was, why is it any of your business? Stop discriminating against folks! The Obama's are a beautiful couple and it sounds like you all are jealous. Seriously? Get a life!

  9. qssneaky says:

    Obama almost slipped up again calling his wife Michael on the most recent show Runs Wild with Bear Grylls. Obama was asked by Bear if he is afraid of anything and Obama replied " When Michae…um, ehh.. when Michelle gets mad at me. I can't believe they didn't edit that out.

  10. I really can't think of anything about Obama except DISGRACE and ABOMINATION!!!

  11. BS get a life, preferably a Christian one and stop baring false witness.  Americans …. god is watching and not pleased with you religious hypocrites.  SICK & no SOUL … filled with so much hate that you want to believe this BS

  12. Have can any won take Obama ore what he´s real name is,first he told us he was a chrestian,then a muslim,and now we no he is poses by belzebob,and he irst he o s to attac chrsins,an t amerikan flag and patriots hu have lost a fammely memb can not even rase the stars and stribes any more,and when they race it its whit the pentagrams the godhead and not whit stars and if they are they begone to turn down,but they wich anarky and kaos order ab cao oreder aut of kaos so you amerikan patriots you no wich fammelys you have to arrest then make people there come up whit informatiens and repent of an onest hardt be forgiven,but have confiskated som mony defrent for what they guilty of but they made the black naberhoods to fight sones where children bekame murders and murdert so they cut get they funny mony by dealing drugs,and they still do.So insted of going in panik we shut stand younited the human kind and fight against satanisme pedofilia and murder up to kanibalisme,I think what happens to people when they think of murder of deaf of an artist is intertayment what kind of world do this,and look up to people hu sold they own soul,and be posest by a demon,and demon mens nolights in greek so hu will win the badel of the porsens soul the demon,and the people get more and more evil for every day there goes,this is what we up against,and satan is bisy bying souls up so the finel badel will be sune,and I don,t belive them for a secund that the cilider in cion is broken,they have alvais ben desivers and that don,t chanse in oktogon.

  13. I have no doubt "Michelle" AKA Michael is a MAN! I have worked in a hospital for many years that did transgender reassignment surgery. I have taken care of patients pre and post op.for about 23 years. Let's just say I have much experience recognizing certain traits.The Adams apple, broad shoulders, the hands, the bone structure, the feet, her face.are all indicators.after seeing the Ellen show video Of " Michelle" dancing in those white pants, her penis is clearly visible.I am not hating on her just stating my opinion. I have personally talked to, taken care of and death with thousands of Transgenders back in the 90's.usually if a patient would be having surgery ( gender reassignment,( penis removal, breast augmentation,penis construction on a female to male, Adam's apple shave. Down) a lot of time they would have a room full of visitors(5-10 people). All other Transgender people.At first I could not tell but after many years it becomes very obvious.

  14. Dealt with Not death Spell checker changes my words.i am no Dr Kovorkian lol

  15. just remember obama set up jeb, just like clinton set up george, the truth is in, jeb wins and we become the most powerful nation on earth, x x322 x777

  16. Documentary film? You put an audio track over an Alex Jones clip.

  17. nick why says:

    Obama calls his wife my the guys name because of you conspiracy nutjobs. It's no slip up. It's written into his speeches and being spoken about to cause the conspiracy nutjobs to cream your Y:fronts and spread it around. You're all being taken for a ride and either you're too stupid to see it or you just dont care.

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