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  1. Very interesting , have you read Wes Penere ? His papers are free

  2. 1storegonkid says:

    Dear God, please save us from science!
    – David Icke

  3. Wow im speechless. How they describe God is…. insane. Some parts are interesting but when the narrator got to the part of mocking God i had to stop listening.

  4. Anti Mahdi says:

    let us its means ,
    GOD talking to the angels.

  5. very deceiving info just wrong in all ways!!! , do research and find the truth it is writen but there is NO aliens !!!! these so called gods were merely fallen angels and their offspring might have the traits mentioned but not aliens !!!??? aliens= fallen angels and yes these angels did teach mankind technology and the splicing of genes of man and ALL of the animal kingdom thats the main reason there was a great flood !! get your facts right dont deceive the world with unproven so called research

  6. ormus its the way to repair the dna

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