The Prophetic Call to Return to Israel – a warning to Jews

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by Prophetess D

God gave me Ezekiel 33 thirteen yrs in the past. He told me to warn the Jews to return to Israel, for the reason that “the sword is coming“. When 911 occurred, He told me “inform them NOW”. God sent Zeev Jabotinsky to Europe to warn Europe’s Jews to return to Israel, to keep away from the Holocaust. If they had listened, they would NOT have died in the camps. Likewise, God is contacting the diaspora Jews, specifically American Jews, to return now, to keep away from attack by radical Islam, and also a fascist law enforcement point out, a world-wide authorities, referred to as the New World Order (Hitler referred to as the third Reich the New World Order as well-I observed it on a newspaper from Germany in Jerusalem)-it is an previous agenda of the Satan to eliminate God’s individuals, which incorporates Jews and Christians (The Nazis were not Christians-they were occultists-devil worshippers). The true Christians hid and aided the Jews and went to the camps with them, i.e. Corrie 10 Increase.

Don’t imagine that what occurred in Germany cannot materialize in The usa – it can, and we are quite close. Naomi Wolf’s e book The Close of The usa (2008) is a prophetic warning about the actuality that of 10 requirements for a fascist point out, they are all going on listed here. Guidelines (executive orders) have been set in spot to declare martial legislation which voids the constitution, employing any disaster as an excuse.

It is rumored that they intend mass evacuations to camps (FEMA camps – they are to be run by FEMA). Detention camps have been developed in this region and are ready to be used. Kellog Brown & Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton, acquired a massive agreement in 2006 to construct them. Google American Focus camps and you will see a record of them. They include things like military bases and WWII internment camps.

 Jim Marrs’ most effective-advertising e book The Rise of the Fourth Reich talks about how Nazism went underground and is now surfacing as their strategy for world-wide enslavement, which was their strategy all together. Now they phone it the New World Order. It is currently being run by teams such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Fee and the Bildeberger Group, which are multinational corps, European Royalty, media heads and specifically global Banking institutions, who established policy economically and politically for the earth. People who are at the rear of this in this region are David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Zbig Brzezinski. Their agenda is the new earth order, elimination of the US as a sovereign region and merging us with the EU. They have been conversing about this considering that the l950’s, when the Bildeberger group to start with fulfilled. A person of their agendas is depopulation of  the world. (see website for extra on this) Invoice Gates gave a speech stating the function of vaccines (which have poison) is depopulation. “World populace demands to be decreased by 50%” H. Kissinger. “The illegal we do instantly. The unconstitutional normally takes a very little for a longer period.” Kissinger, NY Instances, Oct 28 l973.

God wishes the Jews in Israel. There will be supernatural protection there, even if Iran assaults, just like there was in the Gulf War when Saddam Hussein sent 39 scuds to Tel Aviv and not 1 exploded.

A person explanation God wishes the Jews in Israel is for the reason that it will solve the Palestinian trouble. If extra Jews are there, the Jewish populace will outnumber the Arab populace by a greater margin and so they will sense extra secure that it will continue being a Zionist homeland. They will  be able to give the Palestinians total voting legal rights and cease oppressing them. God wishes 1 Israel, not two states. Everytime they say they will make two states, God does some thing to cease it. Ariel Sharon explained it, and he had a stroke. Olmert explained it, and his authorities fell aside.There is a sample, for the reason that it is not God’s will. The west lender should really be a aspect of Israel, with everybody living together in peace.

New York is also a target for radical Islam, but there is a lot of evidence that 911 and the other assaults are “wrong flags” – established ups by our very own authorities to justify passing tyrannical regulations and likely to war so individuals can profiteer.

A supernatural prophetic warning appeared in the Boston Globe in 2001 Oct nine. A tale about the formation of Homeland Protection displaying George Bush and Tom Ridge, the to start with Director, standing in front of a flag. What appeared was not an American flag, but a nazi swastika. I observed it, and so did some others. This was God’s warning about the spirit at the rear of Homeland Protection, and the war on terror, and the new earth order.

“Right now, The usa would be outraged if UN troops entered LA to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful!…This is specifically correct if they were told that there were an outdoors danger from beyond, irrespective of whether true or promulgated, that threatened our quite existence. It is then that all peoples of the earth will plead to provide them from this evil. ..when offered with this scenario, personal legal rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their effectively-currently being granted to them by the World Government.” Henry Kissinger, Bildeberger Conference, Evians, France l991

Google Nick Rockefeller/Aaron Russo. Russo was an indep. filmmaker who turned friends with NR, who told him that 911 was made to justify likely to war and building an ongoing war on terror, as a hoax, to enslave the individuals, which include putting microchips in everybody. The New Testament warns in opposition to taking chips, in the e book of Rev. ch thirteen, contacting it the “mark of the beast” which is the mark that the demonic earth chief, the head of the new earth order, will try to make individuals acquire. It says the mark will be without having which no man can get or sell. Rev thirteen:16. it will be used to exchange funds. Debit playing cards are the transitional move among funds and an implantable chip.The bible warns that anyone who normally takes this mark will go through eternal torment in hell.  People will have to have to count on God for supernatural provision alternatively than taking this mark. The new healthcare monthly bill, H.R. 3300 on p. 1001, mandates microchips. It establishes a registry for health-related equipment, in ref. to a previous Fda reg that mandates “implantable transponders for ID and healthcare data.” God has also warned me that they will use vaccines to chip individuals sneakily.

God is employing terrorists to decide The usa for her sins, if they do not repent and flip again to God, just like He used Nebuchadnezzar to decide Israel for her sins in historical periods. Jeremiah 18:seven-eight tells us that if God says he will bring judgment on a nation,  but individuals repent, He will alter His intellect. Other prophets have explained that God is weeping around The usa, wanting her to flip again to Him.

The New Testament  tells us the world-wide law enforcement point out will materialize, but in the end will be defeated by Jesus and His Kingdom. It is the authorities of the anti-Christ. it is a multi-king (nation) authorities, referred to as a beast, in the e book of Revelation.

The e book of Revelation has prophecies of the conclude periods, in advance of Jesus returns. We are quite close. Matthew 24 describes signs of the conclude of the age in advance of Jesus returns. I go through an short article that calculated that there are extra of these signs going on in the past 20 yrs than at any time in advance of (wars, famines, earthquakes, plagues).

Nations have to have to repent to keep away from judgment by means of wars, plagues and purely natural disasters, all of which are equipment used by God to bring individuals to repentance, to look for Him. We have to have to be saved now. There is no time to waste. If there is nuclear war, individuals is not going to have the chance to repent afterwards.

Persons have to have to repent to be saved, and salvation, as Jesus explained, is of the Jews. Yeshua, Jesus’ Hebrew identify, means Salvation. Salvation will come by accepting Yeshua, the messiah of the Jews on a personalized amount and asking to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to be born once more.

Examine Isaiah fifty three. It is not in the liturgy in temples, exactly for the reason that it so clearly describes Jesus. It says “for the transgressions of my individuals he was stricken. My righteous servant shall justify many, for he shall bear their iniquities.”  Jesus was the atonement for our sins, the moment and for all. The Jews used to sacrifice animals for sins, until the temple was wrecked in 70 A.D. God allowed the temple to be wrecked exactly for the reason that it was no for a longer period needed to do so, considering that Jesus had compensated the value the moment and for all for everybody.

Jeremiah 31:31 came to me in a aspiration when I questioned God if Jesus was the messiah. It says “I will make a NEW covenant with the house of Israel, not like the 1 I made with them when I led them out of Egypt, which they brake..I will publish my legislation on their minds and hearts, and I will forgive their sins.” This is describing the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Jesus explained “except if ye be born of the water and born of the Spirit, ye shall not see the Kingdom of Heaven”  The forgiveness of sins by means of Yeshua was the new covenant, the fulfillment of the prophecies and the future of the Jewish individuals.

Some scriptures from the New Testament about the Divinity of Jesus from the Gospel of John:

In the commencing was the term, and the term was with God,and the term was God. one:one

And the term was made flesh and dwelt between us, and we beheld his glory, total of grace and truth.  1:fourteen

The legislation came by Moses, but grace and truth arrive by Jesus Christ. one:17

Jesus prayed to the Father in John 17:5, stating, “Father, glorify Me together with You, with the glory which I had with you in advance of the earth was.”

Isaiah nine:six says “to us a son is born, to us a child is offered, and the authorities shall be upon his shoulder and his identify shall be referred to as superb counselor, everlasting father, mighty God, prince of peace.”

The e book of Hebrews ch one says: God, who at a variety of periods and in a variety of techniques spoke in time earlier to the fathers by the prophets, has in these past times spoken to us by his Son, whom he has appointed heir of all matters, by means of whom also He made the worlds. Who currently being the brightness of His glory and the specific picture of His human being, and upholding all matters by the term of His energy,  when he had by himself purged our sins,sat down at the suitable hand of the Majesty on high.

For God so loved the earth that He sent His only begotten son that whosoever believeth on Him shall not perish but have everlasting lifetime. John three:16.

The trinity vs. the Schma: 

one John 5:seven says “There are three that bear file in Heaven, the Father, Phrase and the Holy SpIrit,and these three are one”.

The schma says “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is A person. The term for one in Hebrew is ECHAD. That exact same term is used in Genesis two:24 “A man shall depart his mother and cleave to his wife and the two shall be 1 flesh.” Listed here the term denotes a compound unity, two individuals, but 1 in the flesh. SO echad means a compound unity in the Schma, this means the Godhead is genuinely three-father, term and Holy Spirit (referred to as Ruach HaKodesh in Hebrew). I acquired a personalized revelation of the this means of Echad when I was at El AL and I was likely thru the turnstile. A man came up at the rear of me and the Israeli explained to me, “Echad?” this means “are you 1 with him?”  The Hebrew term for God is Elohim, which is the plural form.

I prayed to Adonai, God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and God answered me with “Don’t deny the identify of my Son, and ” my Phrase is correct.” Examine a King James or New King James bible. The modern day translations are corrupted, they depart out scriptures and omit a lot of terms.

In the e book of Functions ch two Peter explained to “repent and be baptized in the identify of Jesus for the remission of sins, and you will receive the present of the Holy Spirit.” Jesus explained, “All authority has been offered to me in Heaven and earth. Go thus and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the identify of the Father,and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

You can go to Israel SUPERNATURALLY by the spirit of God without having funds or airplanes. Go outdoors. Journey mild. Quick. Pray in the identify of Jesus for God to acquire you there. Jesus explained “if you talk to just about anything in my identify, I will do it….practically nothing shall be not possible to you. Math 17.  Travelling supernaturally by the spirit of God occurred to Phillip in the E book of Functions ch eight (NT) and Ezekiel ch three (OT).

Jesus explained “I am the way, the truth and the mild. Noone will come to the Father but by me.”

In Deut. 4 God says “if you look for me with your entire coronary heart and soul and intellect you will find me.”

So we also have to make the work to find the truth. God solutions by means of desires, visions, signs, conversing with us in our ideas, and offering us a witness of His presence when we research the scriptures. 

In these periods of upheaval, it is urgent that we set up a marriage with God so that he can guide us by His spirit to guideline us and protect us. The Holy Spirit has been on the earth for two,000 yrs, to communicate to us. Jesus sent it when he ascended to Heaven. All ideas arrive to us from the religious realm. The term inspiration means “a spirit goes into it”. Our conscience is God conversing to us. Demonic spirits can also communicate to us, if we give them an opening, (sin is 1 opening we have to have to repent of it there are some others, so we have to have to be suitable with God and discover to discern the variance. My guides and articles or blog posts communicate about this. Examine Spiritual Wisdom, and Guide for Transformational Therapeutic-God’s Solution to Psychiatry. They are no cost on my website

Jesus not only saves, he heals. It is God’s will to recover us, when we repent of our sins. When we acknowledge Jesus, we get authority to rebuke afflictions of all kinds, which are induced by spirits of individuals afflictions. I know this from experience I have been healed many periods. There is no disorder that can’t be healed by God by means of Jesus. Jesus explained, “if you talk to just about anything in my identify, I will do it.” John fourteen:fourteen. He told his followers to preach the gospel, recover the ill, elevate the dead, solid out demons. Matt 10:eight  We do not have to have to count on health professionals and healthcare. God heals straight by the Holy Spirit. The New Testament testifies to this. God is no cost, won’t make faults, and has no facet effects. He trumps medicine each and every time.

It is crucial to eliminate openings for demonic oppression, which can have an affect on our ideas, emotions or bodies, resulting in psychological and actual physical illness. Some matters to be viewed as are: sin (have to have to repent) negative guides which lie about the bible/God such as new age, witchcraft, philosophy, psychiatry, negative new music (large metallic, rap, a lot of rock, blues, region, are openings for other spirits which can result in depress-, between other matters), artwork (which invokes gods from other cultures, idols to God symbols which can invoke other spirits, such as peace signs (an anti-christ symbol), Jewish stars (in the bible God calls it “the star of your god,”an idol, which the prophet Amos talks about. The Jewish star, referred to as the Star of David, is a misnomer King David by no means used. His son Solomon acquired it from Egypt and set it on his defend. So it invoked Egyptian gods.) Occult objects such as tarot playing cards, Ouija boards, have to have to be renounced and taken off. They bring curses. All medicine which have an affect on the intellect are openings for demonic oppression. This incorporates caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, cocaine, lsd, etcetera and ALL psych meds. The drug handbooks acknowledge that the anti-psychotics and anti-depressants can result in psychosis. This is for the reason that they are openings for demons.  All of the university shooters were Taking anti-psychotics and anti-depressants.

By taking away matters all around us that are openings for demonic oppression, we can receive therapeutic physically and mentally. The peace of God will then arrive to our house and it will be simpler to hear from God.  When I acquired rid of my new age guides, I formulated a singing voice I did not have in advance of. As I acquired rid of psychology/psychiatry guides by Freud, I felt oppression all around my head go away. New age guides & psychiatry & philosophy books  do not bring psychological peace.  Chap. seven in Guide for Transformational Therapeutic has a checklist for openings for demonic oppression.

To receive therapeutic, it may perhaps be needed to pray to eliminate any curses that have been spoken by oneself or some others. There can be curses thanks to the sins of our ancestors. The To start with Commandment talks about this. These can be damaged by praying the blood of Jesus around the human being.  Oppression all around 1 human being can result in complications for some others. Spirits jumps all around. Dad and mom who drink espresso can have hyper kids, for illustration, considering that medicine are openings for demonic spirits. This incorporates all medicine that have an affect on the intellect, which include caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, pot, cocaine, lsd, etcetera and ALL psych meds. The drug handbooks acknowledge that anti-psychotics and anti-depressants can result in psychosis. This is for the reason that the medicine are openings for demonic attack, which leads to it.


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The website also has worship new music you can listen to. Psalms says that “God inhabits the praise of his individuals.” Worship invokes the Spirit of God. Prophetess D


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