The Quint: Istanbul Airport Attack Was Carried Out By ISIS: Turkey PM


Three suicide bombers opened fire before blowing themselves up at the entrance to the main international airport in Istanbul late on Tuesday at 10 pm local time …


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  1. Luis Bird says:


  2. Brigid Mua says:

    so sad…killing innocent people

  3. janus3735 says:

    erdogan is basterd . he started sucking the saudi sheiks – to impress them and got involved in syria /isis/ and messed with russia. spoilt the tourism. economy and now common people die , its time army to take over and put this dog in jail .

  4. islam is evil!!! allah is satan

  5. S. Braz says:

    exactly as written in the Bible about our time.

  6. Ali Asif says:

    Still think ISIS represents Islam by killing its own people? See the failure in logic there? When are you going to realize that they are out to destroy Islam and anyone else regardless of religion, race, sect, color, creed or code.

  7. DarkCat 009 says:

    For anyone who saw my earlier comment I'm sorry I was just a little angry ok so forgive me.

  8. I wish this all could stop how can you live a life hoping that you won't be murdered I wish I wasn't alive for this I wish I lived in the 1950's or just anything but the 2000's

  9. erduan this is your fault for letting terrorist intro Turkey!!!!!!

  10. mase abdulla says:

    Looks like we are having roast turkey tonight

  11. Luna Storms says:

    Not trying to sound like Trump here, but Turkey should build a wall. A wall used to keep tourists out of the battlefield they call a country!

  12. Asterix 2016 says:

    Finally Erdogan is realizing five years of major mistakes he had done to support al Nusrat, ISIS, to get close links to Qatar and Saudi Arabia and to provoke a conflict in his neighboring country, to shut down Russian aircraft, to deteriorate its relation with Iran, to attempt to screw EU, …. So many mistakes!

  13. La ilaha illallah, Muhammadur rasulullah.

  14. Ali 34 says:

    isis barbarians kill only civilians !!!!

    the greatest harm to Islam gave by isis ….

  15. I don't understand why everyone is replying to a whore

  16. Arabs are jealous of Turkish people cuz Arabs are ugly

  17. The Turk says:

    CİA = İSİS

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