The Real Goal of Illuminati ✪ Blow Your Mind ✪


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  1. Brilliant Information !

  2. When and where was this speech given? This is the most thought provocative video you have put out so far. Will there be more?

  3. abeismain says:

    actually television is where truth is… this is some truthism shit…

  4. JLS says:

    He was dead on. Predicting Hillary Clintons run for President.

  5. JLS says:

    When was this video shot?

  6. JLS says:

    I am in the Society of Cincinnati and I can tell you there is no secrets there

  7. JARED says:

    their real goal is to make the evil one happy

  8. 4:36 " Paranoid: a man or a person who has the ability to link events that seemingly are not connected, that is the true meaning of paranoia or being paranoid"

  9. mamacordella says:

    Why is this info so late? He is still in the Bill Clinton times year 2000 & the beginning of the
    horrid Bush admin., but the Obamination 8 years of horror he did not have to endure, as he
    obviously died before that nightmare of a Kenya born Muslim in the white house.
    Something went right for a change with the landslide of Donald Trump, We all united to vote for him, while those Black Venetian had everything set for Killary to do their killing
    crimes atrocities. Now we got divine intervention, halleluhjah, fuck you Black Venetians,
    counsel of 300 ET& demon possessed pigs from hell.

  10. brilliant information

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