The Real Truth about cloning Illuminati Exposed (2015 )


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  1. Ozella House says:

    that's what the on

  2. tuneee18 says:

    13:48when the guy freezes for no reason…. they did that to a famous soccer coach in an interview look it up…his name is pep guardiola!!

  3. Ab Bb says:

    Same type of mofos who still be running around screaming 2Pac is still breathing. Shut a fuck up!! #Stupid video of the month

  4. twinstar9 says:

    How is it then that Farakan accepted 3 million dollars from David Miscavage, dictator of Scientology cult in exchange for requiring all in the nation of islam to go through scientology brainwashing courses, if he was under influence of an entirely separate force from Scientology? You are full of vain imaginings.

  5. are you a clone? if not you are the first black man that has tripped down this rabbit hole….enjoying your information..

  6. No Name says:

    It's like the more religious you are, the more ignorant you are, it's like a comedy show haha.

  7. Shane Kirby says:

    I don't believe in god or the bible (although such a text contains many half truths).  I sincerely believe the person who did this video to be super good (but very scared, because he is smart and critical enough to see some of the truths of the reality we have chosen to experience.  And yes at this moment a collective of aliens/entities is getting close (or maybe even finished) its plans of world domination.  The plans will be complete when every human is chipped and alien/hybrid handlers walk the Earth to keep the population completely enslaved.  Just remember that free will is a law, that cannot be taken away.  But they can control all you know and feel.  Just controlling how you feel would be bad enough, but controlling what you know is the game over point.  At that point the only way out of enslavement is the outside help of another group of entities/beings/collective(s).  This could easily result in a war or the very least the actions of greater entities (i.e. some would call gods…I hate using such terms).  Although one super god might exist (I have no way of knowing), that supreme being in no way would ever do anything.  Such a being is so beyond our comprehension that this reality is not likely very relevant (if a being created the whole multiverse do you think it would be right for it to choose favorites from among its countless subjects? Anyways I'd forgive them no matter what they do (possible exception  being the destruction of our souls etc.).  That being said we have to raise up as one united people and fight or transmute the countless atrocities we all commit in this world.  Just remember the abuse that we commit to animals to k now that everybody is in on this game of self centeredness.

  8. jfk was going to disclose ufos to the public as well

  9. Ken Fulton says:

    Its sad how people live in their own little world not knowing that this doesn't exist! You need the world to make sense so you use this to make you believe this is real

  10. Ethan Dale says:

    2pac wasn't no damn clone!!

  11. Joe Madden says:

    Mance Rayder is Raegar Targaereon.

  12. Ethan Dale says:

    BRUV give us some actual fucking evidence this shit is so fucking farfetched I wanna believe it but your not giving any hard evidence to back it up I could edit a video like like and just make a load of allegations and say its the truth and idiots would believe it, so Im sorry i wanna believe you but until you make another video with actual evidence your video is getting a thumbs DOWN!!

  13. If Griff is chipped..then for all the truth your spreading..wouldn't mean you could be chipped too?

  14. lol. Clones can't gain weight or grow hair. oMFG. This shit is so damn cheesy. I do believe we are experimented on without our knowledge through hollywood but it is definitely not this complex. No fucking way.

  15. you are about the stupidest person on the planet dumb ass

  16. Farr Fresh says:

    THA universal product?

  17. SHEP SHEP says:

    So I guess we're listening to a clone lol

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