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33 a long time following the infamous Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, three steel detector fans searching for Saxon gold in the similar area, capture incredible footage of UFO’s even though filming their expedition. As evening falls and with their navigation products failing, they discover themselves experiencing a terrifying face with an unforgiving alien existence.


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  1. mandh14 says:

    Straight to DVD… oh yes it was lol

  2. K Deards says:

    anyone else feel this would make a great p.t. style survival horror game?

  3. Daniel says:

    This is how disinformation works, the real incident had nothing to do with this

  4. shit film dark skies is the only decent horror alien film also a good none horror film with UFO and alien is close encounters of the third kind but this rendalshem Forrest incident was a hoax never was a real UFO

  5. MrAshbash85 says:

    Can't be real as it's in England not America where it all happens

  6. To be honest most of the movie I thought was pretty good. It was just the ending with the bunker that let it all down

  7. countsmyth says:

    This crap delegitimizes the real Rendlesham incident.

  8. I think I'll give this film a big fat pass thanks.

  9. Jammoko says:

    That's it… I'm never going night-hawking again!  Well, maybe… 😉

  10. banzaiian says:

    Forests are not that big in Britain. I've not been to this forest but walking in a straight line for an hour in Britain would take you out a forest.

  11. To make a good film – it for you should have just three things –
    this is the filmscript, the filmscript and the filmscript.
    Good luck in a work!

  12. ufo………..american idiots

  13. cyrixblack says:

    The truth is finally revealed lol

    The Made Up Story Of Some Nutters I Finally Put On Screen To Cash In…. more like!

  14. Wow, i hope nobody will watch this shit.

  15. I have been to Rendelsham Forest pretty creepy place. Was looking forward to this film but its pretty shit to be honest.

  16. reisomana says:

    Man this is bad, one of the best UFO cases turned into a hype-fest. Worst thing is, the people that actually encountered the unknown craft got sick. They are dealing with radiation poisoning/sickness. But they can't access their own medical records for treatment, because it's classified.

    I don't know what the recent developments are of this specific case. But some issues still remain unsolved. Not to mention the mass-ignorance of the media.

  17. Seen this and its garbage

  18. Sam Simpson says:

    BOOK TICKETS NOW or Ipswich Film Theatre at 7.30pm on Sunday 8th February followed by Q&A with Director, Daniel Simpson. Telephone bookings during office hours only 07884 076950

  19. mattrutland says:

    Blair Witch who…?

  20. Sam Simpson says:

    The Americans didn't really get it ….  not enough guns?

  21. Laurie Cook says:

    This was called HANGAR 10 in the United States. Renamed for the UK.

  22. Conor Mason says:

    Wasn't this called Hangar 10?

  23. Sam Simpson says:

    We got our first UK review recently with an 8/10 RATING from respected film magazine STARBURST. That's a higher rating than they gave THE HOBBIT (7/10) and WOMAN IN BLACK: Angel of Death (7/10) and the same as they gave THE IMITATION GAME (8/10)
    For more information

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