The Road to World War 3


Will there ever be World War III and if so, what would it look like? Stefan Molyneux explains the technological advances which have disincentivized war between …


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  1. Reform Islam says:

    I'm ready to fight and push them back. Are you?

  2. Peter B.H. says:

    Hard to believe that a guy as smart as Stefan actually believes that Bin Laden was the mastermind behind 911.

  3. Unfortunately, weapons of mass destruction will be utilized on specific geographical location; whether they be nuclear, chemical, biological, etc. Men are evil and will do what's in their hearts to do. The history of mankind is a history of violence. Man cannot change what he is, no more than a lion can change being a carnivore.

  4. Ridiculous! Sure there will be terrorist attacks, but I guarantee you, that they will never even be close to take over power in Europe. Even when it happens simultaneous in different places in Europe, it will end in one result: the end of Muslims in Europe!

  5. Mr. Bass says:


  6. Pshaw. We planted two atom bombs on Japan for less, so why is Raqqa still standing? What do we have all those nice weapons for, are we waiting for a worse enemy?

  7. Kane Smith says:

    9/11 was a part-time job.

  8. China could take out the US with tennis shoes. All they have to do is put a slow acting poison in shoes and wait. No one would know what was going on until it was too late and that would put enough fighting age people out of commission. Guns and bombs are over, waste of money. The US is out of touch with advanced warfare. The defense industry is the last pork barrel at the end of empire and they are lining up to loot America before its over. They know damn well these expensive weapons systems they sold us are worthless piles of junk.

  9. michael nite says:


  10. Waschbear69 says:

    i take it a step further and believe Russia will invade as a "friend to help liberate Western Europe" then it will escalate from there.

  11. fubia44 says:

    wow, I had no idea Stephen does the "official story" on the 9/11 issue.

  12. Dear Stefan, your in good company, one of my dearest friends educated at Eton then Oxford, studied in science, you both are equally clueless about the serious questions regarding 9/11 how building 7 feel, ect, you can't answer this, nor can you answer for the 9.3 seconds of free fall speed the other two main structure travel to the ground, until you can you have no business believing who was responsible for 9/11 and the other serious bs that followed. SM your a great guy, I greatly enjoy everything else you've shared with us all.

  13. Also Stephan we could whip iraq afghanistan etc easily. Its more about how committed the nation mostly the people are to the war itself. more troops then were ever placed on the ground in either country were required. With more aggressive tactics.

  14. Stefan, two bricks in space, one is motionless, the other is moving toward the other at 10 mph ? Once impact occurs they both now travel off at 5 mph. Think of this which brick was moving ? We only see proof of kinetic energy once impact occurs. Each floor of the twin towers were not moving until they were impacted upon by the mass above, 9,3 seconds free fall speed is impossible !!! The top of each building hit the ground at the same speed a bowling ball would have reached the ground with zero obstruction. This is so so simple, Stefan I know you can get this?

  15. monjiaitaly says:

    that's a good guess.

  16. I have retreats in Chile, New Zealand, Alaska, and numerous islands. All fully stocked and self-sustained with jets and submarines at each location.

  17. The NWO Globalists have engineered WWIII just as they did, WWI and WII to cull the populations. The civil unrest aspect is going to be an omen that the end will happen soon for billions in the world. The main objective of the doctrine Henry Kissinger engineered 40 years ago was to establish a global economy controlled by the US pitted against a Russian and Chinese Bloc. To destabilize the west and make it appear weak, uncontrolled and incapable of fighting against them. Then to antagonize them militarily into a nuclear exchange. This is their endgame, a nuclear war to cull the earths population. They have vast underground cities, highways, railroads, power generation and supplies for tens of millions they have selected to survive this exchange. Everything will collapse as designed and to bring this forth. It is up to us to put a stop to it now while we can.

  18. eltahar1ooo says:

    The NATO-US and the GCC are to blame for the turmoil we are in Europe, yes we can talk about religion, but Europe wouldn't be flooded with third-world invaders if Europe wouldn't follow United States adventurism in the ME and North-Africa, the consequences are for Europe because the yanks live a Atlantic Ocean away..

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