The Roman Empire – Episode 2: Legions of Conquest (History Documentary)



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  1. Dark Dubbs says:

    There are no "real" facts that say that Carthago killed babies. Some say that they came to Baal´s temple just like Christians today go to church to babtise their babies.
    We need to build a timemachine so we can truly see history for real. :)

  2. Wolfe B says:

    So basically the Captain of that Carthaginian warship doomed their entire empire. The right thing would have been to wait until the storm was over, then burn the ship to the ground.

  3. A very good series. Few Rome documentaries concentrate on the pre Ceaser period.

  4. Friend says:

    Not an accurate history of the fall of Rome. Romes fighting men became effeminate, and took on womanly qualiities, lost their varility, and eventually had to pay mercernaries to fight their own battles. Big lesson for today. The germanic tribes came down from the north, and broke Rome up into exactly 10 seperate nations. Seven of those original nations still exist on Europes map today. The Franks became France, Anglo Saxins became England, the Alimani became Germany etc. The Vandals, Heruli, and Ostrogoths preferred their own extinction over accepting the papal/pagan Trinity doctrine, and were wiped out by the order of Bishop of Rome. All this was written in advance by Daniel found in chapter 2 and 7…Rome (the little horn), fulfilled this prophecy exactly.

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