The Roswell UFO Crash BBC Documentary – Proof


Master all about the Roswell UFO Crash
An alien area craft crashed in Roswell, NM and was recovered by the Federal government.
This documentary covers the crash and talks to witnesses and Federal government officials about what truly transpired that day.


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  1. cmoreno says:

    the crash was a unmanned aircraft what we call today a drone

    they rather say we had found aliens then instead revel their top secret project

  2. And the autopsy footage doesn't seem do be from the 1940s.

  3. The autopsy is a hoax. Cadavers don't bleed. But I think the Roswell
    case happened.

  4. americká armáda mrzačí krávy a používá orgány na pitvu mimozemšťana

  5. A Jones says:

    It's good that the film is doubted by the original participants.

  6. Mark Walsh says:

    This story is a myth, I can debunk it, they said that the material from the UFO was unbreakable yet it is strewn over a ranch, it was project mogul, all the things described by Jesse Marcelle are covered in that explanation, also a UFO traverses the universe and its brought down by a lightning storm , come on guys …

  7. Vidyadude says:

    Many of the witnesses in this story are full of shit.

  8. dixie dragon says:

    To be honest, if the government "came clean" today and told the absolute gospel truth, I'd be hard pressed to believe them even if they declared there WERE aliens at Roswell… and I WANT to believe.

  9. dixie dragon says:

    Project Mogul my ass. It is amazing to me that our own government won't give the people the benefit of the doubt in how we would handle the truth and feel like it's their job to control what we think by controlling what we know. I understand how they can believe this would cause a shake up in the spiritual community but I still think that particularly Christians such as myself would be capable of reconciling the existence of extraterrestrial life with our faith in God … I have no trouble at all in believing in both. Hiding information this significant is wrong on so many levels I can't even list them.

  10. boowonder888 says:

    RIP Captain Apollo!

  11. Derek Stynes says:

    That has to be the cleanest autopsy ever! No Blood or fluid markings on those gloves protection suits and none on the examination table …

  12. 13 years alive first time I ever saw anything like that

  13. unkleskratch says:

    that twit santilli has thrown the entire subject in the toilet with his hoax. We will never know the truth about the subject now.

  14. Nephilim people the Gods of the ancient world are coming back its in the book of revelations aliens are the Sons of God coming back down to earth they will be claiming to be the second coming of Jesus don't believe them when them come!!!!

  15. The "aliens" are actually the future mankind beings who travelled back to our times through time machine to see whether our atomic weapons would bring the end of the world . This explains why so many UFO "observed" were near the Air Force base.

  16. Zakk Gardner says:

    There is a version of this presentation narrated by a man with an American accent. Can someone please direct me to it?

  17. I live here in Las Vegas… Frequently, my friends and I will go into the desert at night UFOSpotting. It is crazy the amount of stuff you can see flying above you. Specially, when you are near the purported infamous"Area 51" Now, am I NOT saying that everything we see in the sky flying by is an "alien craft flown by little green men take me to your leader". They are U F O.. Flying objects that we DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE..that .
    The U.S. government testing experimental aircraft,under the cover of night, to keep the technology
    a closely guarded secret…

  18. I really doubt that this was a BBC documentary. Channel 4, maybe.

  19. BK Vp says:

    if you need the truth read the holy Quran Isalmic

  20. WD7N says:

    Ok, folks, enough is enough. I grew up in Roswell, NM and I want to tell all of you that UFOs are very real. I have personally seen at least 20-25 individual UFOs and a small fleet of boxed-shaped ones since I was young. My grandfather had a ranch 27 miles northeast of Roswell on the Pecos River and stated to me that he had seen a large, perfect burned circle in one of the grassy areas of the ranch near the east side of river and between several salt cedar trees. He noticed the circle from the atop his horse, dismounted, and walked into the center of the burned circle. He immediately realized that his feet were getting hot and left the circle. Once outside the circle the temperature of his feet returned to normal. In 2009, while I was living in Eagle Mountain, Utah, a veteran friend of mine and myself witnessed six (6) UFOs come through the atmosphere at the zenith of our position in a star-like burst. They then separated into a perfect circle and paused for about 30 seconds. Then at the same time they separated going in different directions. 2 went north – 2 went south – and 2 went east and west respectively. They were gone for about 5-10 minutes and then came back to the exact point where they had formed up the first time, stacked themselves into a "stack", and went back through the atmosphere in the exact same place above us. They were fast! From our vantage point I would have to say that each one of those discs had to be a half mile or more in diameter. They were huge. I reported this to 2 different UFO monitoring organizations. I was never interviewed regarding the matter.

  21. Marc Bell says:

    Marcel says he hit the light / strong material with a sledge hammer and it didn't dent it. Let's rule out balsa wood, OK? A weather balloon probably doesn't leave a mile long debris field and long plow mark in the earth.

  22. I wanna cry and yell I'm so fucking Curious every time they say Roswell I'm omfg I want to know moreeeeeeee

  23. steviebkhall says:

    Saw jesus once and became a scientologist .Faaaa haaaa haa .peace.

  24. RayGunz 77 says:

    does anyone know which UFO crash doc is just outside Roswell and has a kid and his dad find a crash and they get hassled by the military seen it a long time ago but can't seem to find it

  25. matlivo says:

    Look, it's simple. Mogul balloons have a tendency to give the impression that they exploded or crashed, rather than float or flop to the ground, and ya just cant bend a mogul balloon's reflective foil and balsa wood frame with a sledgehammer, 'cus they used top quality glue and sticky tape. And to top it off.. Marcel, the cia agent, and sheriff's office just weren't familiar with balloons with their sparkly reflectors at all. To them it was just positively out of this world. It wasn't anything interesting, just accept it!

  26. A Shell says:

    There's little doubt what happened and where it happened. If you think about it the goverment did us a favor by protecting everyone from the truth. There's a lot of nut jobs out there who do crazy things. Regardless of what type of religion used to keep society together and keep them peaceful and calm. We need to keep those in place. We don't need people second guessing what's holding our society together. To those of you who can handle the truth. We're not alone pure and simple.

  27. I'm sorry for what I just said, it may have been the BBC…its a good piece of journalism anyway

  28. What's the need to fake as a BBC documentary when it isn't?

  29. KIID Molo says:

    The blue devil was crashing

  30. deweypug says:

    So we have at least five eyewitness's that saw wreckage whose descriptions matched almost identically – strange writing, odd physical properties, etc.  We have as least 6 military persons and other professional people that were threatened not to talk about what they saw.  There are high ranking witness's that admit there was much effort for a cover up.  IF this was a murder case in a court of law, all of this eyewitness testimony would have pointed to a guilty verdict,  no shadow of a doubt.

  31. Stu Smith says:

    it sounds reasonable that the government would say believe me,not your eyes. i have listened to many documentaries as to why they dont want to admit there are extraterrestrial beings among us. what would they do about it,how would they attack,how would they protect us (and i mean the world)? they will deny and will continue to do so only because they cant fight them,go to war against them,and they(government) absolutely will not amit they wouldnt even know where to start. also, because of their arrogance, they will not admit the fact that they are also afraid. we are all afraid of the unknown. how would the government handle the world if they came out and said,yes they are real and are hear,and we cant protect the human race. it would indeed be pandemonium. i personally believe they do exist. i have footage of ufos during thunderstorms with lots of dangerous lightening and tornado warnings. you can see them in the moore, ok. f5 tornado videos. when i recorded the storms,i never saw them with the naked eye. its when i looked at them later and zoomed in the videos. its amazing and terrifing at the same time. what can you do but to keep living day by day and hope the hell they dont come to earth to kill us ALL

  32. There's one odd thing about the Roswell crash that to my knowledge has never been explored. The mystery metal recovered from the crash site was lighter than air yet extraordinarily strong, couldn't be burned, cut, molded, permanently wrinkled, crushed or otherwise manipulated. Considering its remarkable resilience, then, how was the rancher able to find PIECES of it?

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