The Rothschild family – Puppet Masters – Only trillionaires the world – Full Documentary


Rothschild Family Conspiracy Documentary Puppet Masters , the unique worlds trillionaires Recommended Watch …….. The collectivist Conspiracy and One . ..


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  1. grE68 says:

    They just sold 2 rembrands for a total of EUR 160 million to the dutch…Filthy rich and yet again they can add 160 million euro pocket money to the total. Not bad!

  2. AlvaroMuto says:

    These people have so much money that they could make every country, even a shithole in Africa, 100 times more developed than Japan at its primest

  3. but..where are they now?

  4. Zardoz4441 says:

    And I thought Rothshild was a rather good wine from France, now naive…

  5. BROmedy says:

    pretty sure they would take this vid down if they controlled the world.

  6. NY OG SON says:

    2 groups of people that need to perish, Anglo~Saxons and Jews. The world would be damn near perfect without theses 2 groups.

  7. NY OG SON says:

    Except for niggers, niggers will be niggers.

  8. Milad Juckel says:

    "eyes wide shut" brought me here

  9. Ash Ketchum says:

    Wow, I never though I would say this but Hitler was right.

  10. devin feirce says:

    Those sneaky rats

  11. hey you says:

    What is the name of the song?

  12. Igor Kluch says:

    New Rothschild and world tycoon – Putin – he will rule the world – he will spend any amount of money to achieve own goals, and the Russian people will give him all savings and their life, if he wants to – as an ideology built

  13. Where can I see the full video that starts at 47:44? I love the snooty British narrator's accent.

  14. Savas Altay says:

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  15. Jenny Titus says:

    In the early years, why would the bank need to go to them for money?

  16. This is terribly edited load of dung.

  17. rtuu2 says:


  18. rtuu2 says:


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