The Rothschild gangsters Want Kim Jong-Un’s Head On A Plate” Listen Closely!! 2016


Music: Illuminati Rap Song: “The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is …


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  1. Roy blonk says:


  2. history tells us any dictator always ends up dead sooner than later . so.e one close will posion them

  3. turk turk says:

    I believe this but I need some substance and some sources, something that proves this theory. Can anybody suggest something? How come all these rappers can be so sure? What have they read and studied to be able to fully trust this theory?? I need more than YouTube videos without any kind of sources. Please help me!

  4. where does Korea enter this rap video!? your a fucking clown

  5. IsderaESP says:

    Russia and China I think they aren't also under their control

  6. they tried turning the us against north Korea but we only made memes

  7. e g says:

    Look at all the western media this all makes sense calling Erdogan dictator , hitler lol. I don't understand what hes doing wrong everyone here is happy while the west is complaining. Lol

    They wanted to bring him down with a coup but it failed. He is now buddies with Putin.

  8. HYST GARCIA says:

    wat was the name of the song

  9. The middle eastern mafia… They are everywhere. They send the whites into govt. And the browns and blacks into the blue collar status. God is literally a figure of speech of the ancient pharoahs from every tribe in africa. Africa is the biggest mass of land in the world. It is bigger then all of asias countrys put together. And what is god? It is a government. So who or what is the most powerful government in the world? It is GOD. Where was God created? AFRICA. what is war? Deception. Its no coincidence that africans came to america as slaves. They were not allowed in america before hand so the asians specifically the middle easterners brought em in as slaves as a new market or trade.

  10. president JFK was only the honest guy ever exist in america,he woke up people with his last speech before he killed by rothschild family.

  11. even gorge carlin has a message for the people of united states,that these guys controlled all over the world and nothing we can do about it,they do whatever they want

  12. Atlas says:

    Spending centuries gaining control and organizing puppets and events to boost their little egos. How boring, pointless and a waste of energy. what they gonna do when they have complete control. sit on their high throne and jerk off all day. dumb idiots.

  13. Ian Bell says:

    Brilliant, and very well put together. Thank you.

  14. why not name the people in the UN who took their money?

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