The San Diego Stench And The New World Odor

Pakalert August 29, 2011 2

by Zen Gardner

Just couldn’t help but draw the comparison. I used to live there in San Diego. This reported stench over the city has always been there in other ways. The once pristine beauty of this Illuminist and military infested enclave called San Diego is now smothered in chemtrails and pollution from LA thru SD and all the way to filthy Tijuana. It coagulates over the ocean and rolls in to cover everything, dusting your lungs, vehicle, yard and anything in its wake.

Only the chemtrails cover the disgusting brown smog to give it all an enhanced sheen of whitish toxicity.


And not to be forgotten–Fukushima fallout is cranking on the unwitting joggers and bicyclers–not being reported of course–which is dancing into the slap-happy California environment while once fabulous beaches will soon be awash in radioactive Japanese debris and dead wildlife. Nice. I’m sure future generations will love it.

And no one notices. They’ve been lobotomized and medicated.

Is “Trash the Environment” the NWO Mandate?

You’d think so. What more can they do to wreck everything? These elite globalist demons are in the process of screwing up the environment so bad it’s unreal….all in the name of “global warming” or some such nonsensical excuse–and all at our expense.

We’re literally left to watch these bastards execute furtive geoengineering projects and ‘screwing with our skies and oceans to see what happens’ by paid off mad scientists and corporations…but I digress…

But hey, if that’s not enough, how about drilling into the mantle of the earth to ‘see what’s there and make some money’?….like frikking volcanic gasses and explosive minerals? And maybe gain some freakin’ super vein of oil they knew would break free?…Idiocy!  Complete madness.

All in the name of progress.

For Whom?

This sucks so bad it’s off the charts. I know this smell in San Diego has been said to possibly portend coming earthquakes, and I think it’s possibly true. I think Dutchsince is on the money about the weather and earth changes. Why else would they persecute him the way they do? (see HERE)

And if you don’t have that awake mindset you’re missing the whole frikking ballgame! They lump everything that challenges their domination into “conspiracy theories.” How trivial. And demeaning to humanity. It’s obvious to the awake, but a joke to the asleep.

Choose ye this day.

Pretty compelling propaganda machine, eh?

Think about that one, bucko…

end of message….


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  1. John Krzyzewski August 30, 2011 at 7:12 am - Reply

    Rev 11:18 “And … the time came … to destroy those who destroy the earth.”

    Zen, you accurately indicate that corporatist interests are hell-bent on destroying the Earth, which as you state is pure Idiocy and madness. But, that’s exactly Satan’s desperate ploy: since he’s lost the game (Earth and its populace) he’s determined to destroy the whole planet and as many souls as he possibly can. Those who are in his employ (the elite/banksters) may not (all) understand, themselves, that the planet is doomed, including themselves. But, it should be more than obvious to anyone who bothers to look up and smell the BS.
    The Bible predicted this situation two millenia ago. Think about that, readers.

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