The Scary TRUTH About Aliens (Demonic Alien illuminati Deception Exposed Full Documentary)


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20 Responses

  1. Excellent video. Good work and God bless.

  2. Luis Alvizo says:

    just trust in Jesus. Christ

  3. you MUST make another video soulja of god , great video

  4. Ellen Hughes says:

    our Lady told us that Aliens are Demons!

  5. Awesome video.
    For God so loved the world, he gave His only begotten Son Jesus to die for our sins. He loves you, will forgive you but He wants you to Believe, repent and fallow Him. Read the Bible, fellowship with other believers. Jesus is stronger than anything devil has. Bottom line, devil is a creation by God such as we all are but wants to be worshipped like he is the creator… God said No!
    Our God is greater! Thank you and I praise you Jesus!
    No guilt in life, no fear of death, that is the power of Christ in me!
    Can I get an amen!

  6. When you a afraid of this souls, that do not mean, that they are demons. They are not! and they do not looks like this Fotoshop Shit.

  7. Kwik Kick says:

    He SLAYED her. it was a very posh and apt slaying…yet he slayed her so deeply

  8. Mister Perez says:

    3:45 you can see his alien buddy's reflection in his eye.They must have been on vacation here on exotic Earth.

  9. Calling on the name of Jesus also stops sleep paralysis episodes! I have experienced it first hand.

  10. I had this happen to me. I called on Jesus name. The blood of Jesus Christ. Help me Jesus.

  11. We make war not them

  12. The Name of "JESUS" is the most powerful Word in the universe!

  13. Richard Ikin says:

    People like you, who believe that aliens are demonic, are dangerous. Your religious extremism will harm us all.

  14. Ping Floyd says:

    Freemasonic hogwash.

  15. Darryl Ray says:

    the only alien you will ever see are the ones who live on the moon or coming out of the sun. the moon and the sun are both encased in this snow globe we call earth, there is no way out and no way in.

  16. Now Demons are Possessing Aliens wow

  17. RYET 37 says:

    Ads. For real?

    Don't be another theTruthUnveiled

  18. That phone call made my hairs in the back of my neck stand up because Demons,Spirits, Ghost or what ever you want to call them are inter dimensional beings….meaning they dont need a space ship to get from here to there they can just appear by entering our dimension.

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