The Scary TRUTH About Chemtrails (Satanic illuminati Chemtrails Agenda Exposed Full Documentary)


Video from SoulJa of GOD
Video from critical Unity.

Wake up….. Best channels on you tube.
Zachary K Hubbard
Professor Doom1 2 or 3


alltime conspiracies

Ken O keefe

RT and press tv are good for daily news. There is so many good channels on you tube that doing very good job. but you most do your own have Spiro. dahboo777. JasonA. wearechange. Anonymous. J.KNIGHT. Truthnever told.
Eveything you see on tv are coded. and some people have the brain to decod this stuff like
my brother of truth Zachary K Hubbard.

watch this. i can not upload it on my age. nobody can. its crazy. After you see this, then you will see that everything is fake.

Puppet Master Media


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  1. I heard China shot down one of these planes is that true ?

  2. They need to shoot down they plane is global terrorism if they don't know who's doing it plane need to be shut down if they can't answer why they're doing it shoot them down.

  3. IAMForeign says:

    That guy is in the pocket lol he cheerleading for the U.S.

  4. This is a "memory" test. What is going on has NOT always been "going on". I know there's something going on….

  5. It is good to know and talk about these things, to see that we are in "the last days". Get things right with GOD, He is coming!

  6. This is TRULY  A COVER UP /  This Man Made Clouds full of nanu sized Particle , These Chemicals are made from super Fine Granuals  Ground to a MICRO / NANU size so the stay Elevated and CAN  BE  DIRECTED any where from These 30 acre. / a like Satilite  Type Unit PULSATES larg amounts of Electrical VOLTAGE. To create Heavy Storms and Land Slides , OR Perhaps a SENOMI / or Drout conditions…I as  ask  myself…WHY ? ? ?   Please do some research your self , you will be  Blown AWAY…! That's a promice…

  7. Wake up! The Georgia Guidestones state the global population must decline to 500,000,000. Chemtrails are also sprayed in Australia and UK. Not sure about other countries. The are nano size and toxic affecting plants, crops, animals, water and humanity and is absorbed in the skin. Clouds change. It's horrific. Look up

  8. D S says:

    Imagine, that some fuck in our government has signed for that and allows that to happen. I am reminded that in Auschwitz only one soldier was needed to guard about 1000 jews (or something close to that number) and I feel what happened then is happening now again, just on a much larger scale. I always wonder why the many jews did not simply storm the few guardsmen and kill them. I guess it was because they hoped it all wasn't true or it would not hit them, or something along these lines. In a way we need a leader to start acting. I hope one shows up soon.

  9. keith says:

    don't worry people the nukes will kill you way before the chemtrails do

  10. They want 95% of us dead!

  11. Louis I'm says:

    Trump 2016 !!!!!!!!! He's going to stop obamas geo-engineering agendas and programs !!!!!!!!!

  12. some facts its a “mystery disease” as it was called in 2004. btw people getting killed by trails….

    2004. He reported the skin disorder seemed to cause fibers and filaments to emerge from the skin of sufferers, and also seemed to cause neurological problems patients described as “brain fog.”

    they Burn wood metal anything that acid can brun its ph is past a car battery i let it sit on my desk SOILD OAK DESK WORTHLESS NOW LOL whole left side has a some indentations and some what looks like white chalk no no more like bird shit when its white and black and no bird shit jus tthe thin coat of that and you have ur self a Same look in the after affect of the acid BTW ITS IN MY HOME NOTE ITS AIR AND WATER AND FOOD BASED

    Coverup Begins: CDC Drops support for victims Dr. Randy Wymore did the coverup

  13. rascalferret says:

    We're basically the final nom-noms of destruction for this place. The awesome, and benevolent species that lived here was attacked and destroyed. Along with the planet with which Mars was its moon,had been detonated in its own finality. Whatever was here was completely overturned, and buried under mountainous earthen windrows, and spoil tips. The land was raped. Clear cut of it's enormous majestic trees. Trenched, looted, and covered over with great salted reservoirs. The landscape was callously mined and plundered,and left in a rugged disarray of jagged topography. . The final consuming parasite was conjured in us. We are small and relentless. We will consume everything like a slow cancer. We are intolerant of the natural balance, and are all pervasive. We will build our incompatible, and exclusive habitat on top of the ruins. We must in order to survive. We fight with our newfound civility not to kill, but for centuries killing has been our goal. When we build,we kill and waste. We hunt without hunger,and eat without reverence. We procreate assertively,and are fiercely territorial. Busy bee,busy bee, who is your queen? The alpha's of our species are always psychopathic,and the virtuous are always squandered. Untruth and theft is normalcy for the juvenile spawn. Bye bye, when the maggots eat your eyes…

  14. Dean Blake says:


  15. Please do not be fooled by official is not the bugs or pine beetles killing trees.. all tree
    types are dying..the trees natural defenses are being weakened by
    radiation and chemtrails which is facilitating the the growth of bugs..
    The trees, plants and forests are dying world wide..The aluminum from
    the chemtrails is an excelerant that is causing and fueling the
    extremely hot huge flash fires of the forests.

  16. Myra Gibson says:

    Our own government is killing us ! people wake up !!!!

  17. Hello!, please check up on my great Channel showing you more Hidden Truths, Btw thanks to the poster of this vid, i found it unique and worth looking at!

  18. Easter Bunny says:

    I've seen some pretty amazing looking skies, in fact, they are getting scarey looking. I'm 48 and never seen such skies.

  19. What the hell is Bill Vanderzam doing in this video? He sold all the Expo 86 land in Vancouver to Billionare li kai Shang for $1 a square foot and his failed business called Fantasy Gardens. As much as I believe in Chem trails….I don't believe anything that comes out of this guys mouth.

  20. Doggo says:

    I farted for 45 seconds on a plane once i think thats about the same thing as this

  21. Pam James says:

    Excellent but very sad. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have Christ. Pam J.

  22. It is infuriating to think that people in government think they can do things without the consent of the people. Worse, they commit treasonous acts with impunity since the entire system has been completely corrupted. We are being controlled by a totalitarian central government as over-reaching as it is corrupt.

  23. Check out chemtrails and morgellons disease.

  24. 1.50 Nick Smith nz members of parliament is so pathetically dumbed down…Really. He is just another sell out puppet politician serving the globalists.

  25. Pamela Jean says:

    Military Jets with American soldiers flying them would not spray their own People. I have written at my blog for years who lay the Chemtrails and finally I got a photo that proves Aliens lays the Chemtrails. You can see the photo at my blog. I am not selling anything but the truth.

  26. Chemtrails? Oh for fucks sake…. What is the matter with you?

  27. Darwin999 says:

    God damn Bastards! Get and hang them!

  28. They are either poisoning us , or hiding something. Either way,,,I got the feeling we are fucked.

  29. Donna Cook says:

    Diatomaceous earth helps to rid the body of toxic metals when taken internally in water or juice.Get it online.

  30. Check out Nicholson1968 its more than that.

  31. tysdaddy970 says:

    look up the tmc-65 that's how they make big puffy clouds. it's a business and money can buy rain or dry out a enemy?

  32. Todd Lavigne says:

    Autism is, IMO, related to the in the excessive ,cumulative amounts aluminum in vaccines. The safe amount of aluminum is exceeded when you add up the total, but acceptable levels are in each shot. The cumulative effect
    may be the culprit causing the damage not to mention how much the mother absorbs during pregnancy. Why aren't all children affected? The amount the the mother is passing on to the child, what may be in the environment and each child's tolerance varies from person to person. Every professional I've talked to ( 3 ) have all stated they don't know the cause. All were very intelligent, so much so, they would never question the system that employs them. They are also smart enough not to bite the hand that feeds them. Governments all over the world have a track record of deceiving it's population in both times of peace and in times of war. So, is it possible this is really happening? You bet it is.

  33. I believe Nick smith (NZ minister) is the most devious of people in the current NZ government. He is part of the incoming new world order by his actions, or he is the most stupid of ministers ever to hold office. The world is being bombarded daily with these sprayed poisonous chemicals but fools like nick smith only try to ridicule the truth with blatant lies. The fix is clearly in with our NZ government as several ministers from 3 parties deny the spraying that is clouding our new Zealand skies every day now even though it is now blatantly obvious in the skies every day. Our prime minister (john key) now  appears to be up to his eyes in the recent money hiding tax scam for the elite of this world, my guess is that Obama has given him (JK)  his orders to bring NZ into line for the new world order take over. New Zealand is now on track to fall victim to these elite , some of whom are now flooding here from the usa. I have taken thousands of photos in preparation for the day we can expose john key and nick smith for their part in allowing this massive daily spraying program on the people of new Zealand. Just like the TPPA deal, john key has kept the people totally in the dark….his lack of regard for the people of new Zealand exposes his true feelings towards us….my guess is that large amounts of wealth and power have been promised to these rats in exchange for the sell-out of our once magnificent country. NZ is waking very slowly, as are most countries of this corrupt world, but we need to make more progress before these elite fools ruin our planet .Next time you venture outside ,just take the time to look up and see the long straight lines of chemicals are they first appear, and then they expand for hours to create a fog…..take the time to look here on Y/T for the many videos on geo engineering in New Zealand…..this toxic spray is not mother natures clouds of old, you won't find these clouds in any book…..despite the efforts of our weather presenters making up new names for these chemical clouds in an effort to hide reality…..yes, the same Zionists who own the worlds media ,also now own ours so what we are told is now severely doctored or left out completely  . We will have the chance to remove these turncoats at the next election but I fear we have been Americanised to the point where it doesn't matter which party you waste your vote on… get the same sell out people back into power.

  34. These PILOTS that are spraying CHEMTRAILS should be held just as responsible for their TREASONOUS ACTIONS as the ONES telling them too do it. Don't these PILOTS have friends, kids and family's, because they are poisoning them to, these PILOTS are sick people. The PILOTS COULD REFUSE to do it but they won't so they are TREASONOUS. And when is everyone going to wake up its not weather modification now it's human RAID POISON FOR HUMANS. THAT IS WHY EVERYONE IS GETTING WEIRD SICKNESSES….

  35. jeff i says:

    uv is really really high. the ozone is fucked. it's worst than you think

  36. ohdwight says:

    they should all be shot down ; poisoning the oceans / the land ; and we just sit here and watch

  37. Remember, the truth will be mocked.

  38. geo addis says:

    it's ALL about depopulation ass holes you know what really going on lies you
    gmos IS organic food.bull shit

  39. Kim Marie says:

    If a plane can not fly, it can not spread poison. If someone is fired, they can no longer boss others. If the bad guys tanks are underground, do not let them out.
    Start telling every person you know that you love them. spread the love!!!!!!! I Love You ALL, even if you hate me. I STILL LOVE YOU ALL. STAY SAFE ALL.

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