The Scary TRUTH About Hillary Clinton Part 2 (Hillary Clinton Exposed FULL Documentary)

20 (Part 1) Special thanks to… Stephen K Bannon Dan Fleuette Breitbart Make No Mistake! I Will Not Compromise.


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  1. weekendmom says:

    The Clintons stock in trade is corruption and right now business is good.

  2. BigDog says:

    you are nothing but a false messenger. Prophecy claims Devil will come saying he is for peace and his followers will be blinded by his message. Trump is everything the devil stands for. Trump is superficial, he is arrogant, he is greedy, he is insensitive. Trump is the wolf in sheep's clothing. You are drinking his cool-aid.

  3. james q says:

    Awesome video!!!

  4. xr440r says:

    I put a picture of Hillary in my toilet and took a shit on it.

  5. Alyosha DMC says:

    The Clintons are far worse than Trump. Trump is a small time crook who seems like he wants to make amends, the Clintons are mass murdering for profit.

  6. dannyv84oz says:

    Why hasn't Killary been executed for treason yet !!!

  7. America has been blinded for years!!! and even the "Bigdog's" Cannot sniff out and through The Mainstream Manipulations in favor of Clintons and Dirty Gov!

  8. Ivan King says:

    Your video sucks!! full of fallacies and bent truths!!! God have mercy on your soul!!

  9. This is our world,Hold strong when you are called to know and sight the truth!!!

  10. Isn't this the movie "Clinton Cash"? Did you just repost with your name watermarked on it?

  11. Cyril Eluwa says:

    This video is wonderfully done. May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to empower and bless you.

  12. It amazes me how Hillary and Bill can be so two face …
    Them poor people was suffering for year.
    No water , no bathrooms and no housing.
    They are so heartless ..
    Just like the rest of the U.S. government ..

    I believe they are not humans ..
    I'm not joking either ..
    Just like the royal family ! ..

  13. sumralltt says:

    At some point we all die and stand before God to give an Account of what we have done. It's clear that she does not fear God.

    Maybe Trump should watch this video.

  14. OutdoorD S says:

    Im sick and tired of this whole world system shit.
    ALL OF THE INDIVIDUALS in power are corrupt. In one way or another, PERIOD!!
    THE ONLY POWER ANY individual has over you or me is the power that is given to that person(s)
    JESUS CHRIST (GOD) IS THE ONLY ONE that should know all goings on about any one person EVER!!!
    people may not believe in Christ, but soon…. VERY SOON

  15. Diego Holley says:

    i will die defending my family my oldest son will die helping me defending my family my wife will sacrifice her self to protect my family in other words we will die before we get marked with the beast in god we trust as he will watch over us in the time of need plz for give the murders the rapist the thief the liar as they are human as well plz forgive all of us for our sins

  16. Go in broke and come out a billionaire this is our secretary of state and we lowlifes still pay taxes?

  17. Steven Stack says:

    My GOD all that she does and everyone wants her for our president ????? SCUMS ALL SCUMS !!!!! All lies all lies !!!!!

  18. John Davis says:

    The Clintons are clearly just one big faction of evil witches and warlocks, trying to poison the people. Like if you see the truth!

  19. Jesse P says:

    anyone know the name of the song at the very end ?

  20. Nicole Myers says:

    Let's not let this horrible human being be the president!
    We can do more than making YouTube comments!
    Let's vote for Trump on the Election Day!

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