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  1. why does people dont believe in global warming? haven't you notice the abnormality of the weather now?? Humanity destroys earth. Drilling everywhere they want.. draining earth. let history be history. Stop digging just to follow ur dream or ur wish to come true.

  2. Jackamo 3 says:

    Everyone should make a commitment to reducing pollution, imagine how clean the air would be if everyone stopped farting.

  3. It's crazy to think that Antarctica once had trees,animals,life everywhere you looked! Also at 25:03 I think that penguin is saying"What the fuck is that? Get it off my property!"

  4. Humans are destroying everything in the name of research

  5. Rizo brain says:

    sunset possible in antarctica?

  6. Chris Romero says:

    do u ever wonder why government /army block off some parts of the world? the filthy rich/in charge of the world tell us same human beings that we cant explore OUR earth/planet?who who gives them the right?just because they have billions of dollars? I'll probably never be able to, go outerspace,travel to the end of Antarctica, but if I do,and wen I do,God willing, I will TELL THE TRUTH, even if it means I die…….!!!,

  7. Chris Romero says:

    I just paused this video to right wat I think & know it keeps pausing on me,I can't watch no more, wat the hell? ..????.I've tried it just keeps pausing. ……….who really controls http://www./internet.????…………FiGHt

  8. Chris Romero says:

    you can read, analyze, research this world. …but who really knows? we have the means,Internet is power full,I can research for ten/20 years.and people will still tell me, it's my opinion.just like doctors, they only know what they learn in school….I'm I. your mind,think, ponder! I'm smarter than an dr.he may no how to close up an airway, but I know how to change a toilet, add an extra electrical circuit to your home. we are all smart in our own way. God loves us…..

  9. Chris Romero says:

    still the same, ,,,by

  10. the patriot says:

    few days ago i saw so many great documentaries on south pole expedition in a channel named star documentaries but these capitalist bitches banned that channel. Capitalism sucks.

  11. U son of a bitches leave the planet alone

  12. eye says:

    flat earth.

  13. kevin b says:

    3K:3000.00, 10K: Ten thousand. Can anybody tell me the above numbers are wrong? J.L. seems to not understand this

  14. Ben Song says:

    Comment section: where all the unqualified uneducated non-scientist conscpiracy theorists spew nonsense conjecture on climate change and the earth being flat

  15. For some REASON I was thinking maybe this narrator just put it out there that NASA is fake as fuck. Saying that "NASA" uses Antarctica to do some testing? WTF NASA SHIT IS COMING TOGETHER NOW!? And I am pretty DAMNNNN sure all "Sciencetists" know about NASA being fake as fuck?

  16. loft comedy says:

    They talk about million years. How do they know?

  17. This is amazing!!???☃️

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