The Secret TRUTH About Coraline! [Theory]


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  1. MSPER XOXO says:

    And i think theres more than one "other mother". because i beleive the doll in the intro is falling down the well into the other mthers world since you can see a sky of stars when in drifts down. maybe some one makes the dolls and delivers it to the other mother

  2. MSPER XOXO says:

    I really wanna know about the other father too! in the movie the piano hands keep him from saying what he wants to say and around the 3 quarter point he says "sorry, mother is making me do this". is he a REAL character like the beldam or is he just an illusion like the dream place she has created? I think he might be his own persons since he accidentally says stuff. if he was being controlled bye her he wouldnt of blurted out stuff! MAYBE this all started when she was a littke girl and she has a "gift: to create stuff as in ulternate realitys etc, and he is a childhood friend or was realated to her somehow!

  3. MSPER XOXO says:

    And maybe that world was meant for tyhe beldam so there was only one key created so only her could travel back and forth. but one day she somehow trapped herself in there and got lonely or bored so shared the key wth the other father (in my theory a friend or realative) when they were young and forced him to stay there forever because the button eyes have some effect on people as if a cage which keeps them from going back to the real world. the key was shared to her delight but if this place was meant for her, where did the key go when it went down the well? back to her world? if so this process may happen over and over again!

  4. Dan Wood says:

    I don't think the beldam can tell the future. Maybe that doll of coraline is part of a prophecy to end the beldam, like a good vs evil balancing thing and that's why the grandmother let coraline move into that house. Because she knew that that child was going to end the beldams cycle of evil. As for the button on the key and the buttons for eyes, maybe that pocket universe does have certain rules like the universe has to be a projection of the person who controls it. The "key" to the portal could potentially have been anything but because of the person the beldam was it became a button. Same with the missing eyes. It's just a "calling card", so to speak, of the person controlling the dimension. Maybe that lady liked buttons a whole lot. I don't know though. I've seen the movie twice and I'm not really a hardcore fan. It's fun to brainstorm theories! Thanks for reading : ). Great video the theorizer

  5. MSPER XOXO says:

    Maybe wybes grandma new the power and changes coraline could make and hoped she could help, thats why she was aloud to move in :)

  6. what about when that wiley/riley/whatever guy said that was his "grandmother's lost sister's doll?" is the lost sister the beldam (which i dont think is possible— 150 years, 3 generations?), and if not, what does it imply?

  7. I am reposting this from a comment I left under another comment lol..

    I actually like this theory and I was questioning the farfetchness of the reincarnation only because why specifically was it 30 years later that the cat was reincarnated and not before or after? It just leaves more questions then it answers tbh.
    Now going off of first victim being able to escape what if she was successful in taking the soul but not capturing it…I see some of you saying that if he was still a boy she should have eventually found him with no way to escape…but if he was just a lost soul and at this time she had no way of successfully capturing that soul then he was trapped in that world watching as children were taken and killed at could do nothing to stop it UNTIL a cat actually wonders through one of the many portals she has out for the mice….maybe the cat saw the mice and rushed in looking for a snack lol…now the first victim has the perfect opportunity and takes the cat as its host body (because I don't think it makes sense to say that the soul could randomly evolve into a cat).. but he is able to keep the cat body from dying by continuously going back and forth..he now was extensive knowledge of the other world so the beldam may try but she cannot capture him..also there is no need for his soul anymore because the youthfulness and energy that she wants from children is no longer what that soul is, one that has been worn away with sadness and time and anger. He then stumbles on Wybee as some point and vows to protect him from the beldam remembering the horror of what he witnessed as just a bodyless soul.

  8. ASAP Mob says:

    lmfaoo I live in Salem,Oregon now I kinda wanna go to Ashland for some reason

  9. Ryn Cattt says:

    You said that she sees through bottons eyes right? What if its not just botton eyes whay if its all the bottons she sees through

  10. The music at 9:20 still give me nightmares

  11. the belldame (idk how to spell it) can tell the future. when you said that how did she know what coralline wanted. she obviously couldn't do any of that if she couldn't.

  12. Teenzies says:

    Can I ask a question ?
    Why does Wiley in the other world is good/kind ?

  13. I think since the doll looks like coraline the bel dam wants to trap coraline inside the doll so first the bel dam took the parents making a doll of the parents sewed together making coraline know they are together and so since coraline's doll is alone that means that if the bel dam trapped coraline she would be trapped alone because without anybody nobody can stop the bel dam

  14. and the pink doll is whybe grandmother sister

  15. before she made the corline doll

  16. I is Potato says:

    No I noticed the starry night thing too

  17. if the well is a way to get to the pocket world then why at the ending of the movie coraline threw the other mothers hand and key into the well?

  18. PLZ ANSWER THIS QUESTION: at the start of the movie, the real father asks to count all the doors and windows in the house, Coraline starts doing that taking the doll with her, she goes into the room where the passageway is into the other world, she counts the windows in the room, and then places the doll ON THE TABLE to take out her real mothers snow globes, she places them, and is about to walk out and take the doll with her, but the doll WASNT THERE, IT WAS BESIDE THE PASSAGEWAY DOOR, how did it get there, certainly Coraline dint do it…was it 'the other mother'? how did the doll went from the table to the passageway door?

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