The Secrets Of McDonalds (Illuminati Exposed)


Children Sacrificed and severed at McDonalds. Nothing But The Truth. ***Links*** …


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  1. This man is showing us the actual proof of how McDonald's  is killing us and has been doing it for years and we still don't believe it. The man confesses it on tape. He said it right,  some of us are so stupid, even hearing it with your own ears you still turn a deaf ear. People wake the hell up. you are not just sick in your bodies, but in your minds also, we have been brainwashed, deceived and,  you are dumbasses. You won't  know the truth even if it came up and slapped you in the face. The Lord says in his word, "My people parish for lack of knowledge."  Thank you for bringing this video to some of us that care about what's going on and want to do something about it. Thank you, continue to educate us. I like your other videos also, they have really  been an eye-opening to me.  WAKE THE HELL UP PEOPLE!

  2. Prometheus says:

    this makes hitler the good guy lol

  3. edwin otero says:

    sadly this is not new info. google the book, Blood Passover. It was written in the 30's about the Jews of Europe kidnapping children to sacrifice! The really disturbing part is, this will just be ignored and ppl will continue to eat there. While your at it, google how many children areb abducted in this country EVERY YEAR!!! ALMOST 800,000!!!!…. Of which 3/4ths are never seen from, heard from and no trace will ever be found! How is this possible if not for them being butchered and consumed! I dislike hitler as much as the next, But why the Jews if he himself was half Jew?!?!?…. It's all there, the truth. It's just easier to ignore and dismiss. Resposability of what we know is a deterrent ….

  4. Yan Amarre says:


  5. Eric Haley says:

    nice video. also I can tell you that a good friend of mine who hauls beef. he had a trailer loaded full of maggot infested beef. he asked the shipper about the load,but the shipper shrugged his shoulders and told him that all McDonald's loads come like this. I can't eat it anymore bro

  6. it's a big different between an Satanist/Atheist/Christian. It all came from 1 story and people talked to others and the others talked to other meaning the real story went from good and excited to the oposite thing.The bibel is not true but not fake.. its between.. True and Fake.. If you have read the bibel and dont belive enything it's ok you are not the person to See the light but some will see.."Fear not for your war-stricken, poverty-ridden planet. HELP IS ON THE
    WAY. This planet is meant for greatness: A world rich enough for all
    people, in all places, to live in Abundance. Though you may feel
    insignificant, you are an integral part of its future. To discover your
    part in our universal design, visit ILLUMINATI.AM

  7. What people also do not understand is BLACKS are the real Hebrews. They all migrated from EGYPT which too many people do not know is in Africa. And when the Romans came and crusified Jesus Christ they took all sacred black artifacts with them back to the capital-Rome, and hid them in the Vatican. Then had all biblical imagery replaced by putting it in their own skin colour. The white, so called, Jews or Hebrews are NOT Jahweh's (GOD) chosen. They are, and always have been posers.

  8. gary hood says:

    after watching this video it makes me not want to eat at McDonald's ever again

  9. I love how the zipper head in this video keeps throwing up a Masonic hand sign..kind of undermines your credibility, wouldn't you say??

  10. Kevin Doyle says:

    Would be interesting to reverse speech the rabbi.

  11. Shalum people I was looking at that rodent in her food and I paused it about 5:53 look at the back of the mouse it looks like a demonic face just take your time and look at it its sick im just saying though, may Yahuah save his people bless is he who comes in The Name of Yahuah and thats Yahusha His Son Shalum to all who come to the faith.

  12. Aa River says:

    that's a raw Tupac beat

  13. Don't you just love the constant Masonic hand signals?……..truth or no truth…..shared

  14. I hated Hitler all my life,and now I know I've been lied to!!! Hitler knew what sick fucks the jews are!! He was trying to free us all!!! He may have been our last hope for a world free of the zionist disease!!!

  15. Mike 969 says:

    I'm tired of propaganda, too many people with too many agendas. Join the destruction of the world group we'd be better off.

  16. Mane Gucci says:

    served. fix your description rashawn.

  17. imari2305 says:

    Thank you for posting this.

  18. Ever wonder why you get sick every time you eat fast food? ChakathaiYOW! I haven't eaten fast food since 2006 because I would get diarrhea, so I would just get a tea and look on with disgust at those who were with me and chose to wolf down that "mystery" meat.

  19. tethcool says:

    what's the song in the beginning called?

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