The Shame Of The Isle Of Wight


By David Icke

There is such a fundamental difference between the perspectives of what we call ‘Mind’ and the higher levels of awareness that I call Consciousness. Mind can only see the next turn on the river, while Consciousness can see the whole journey from source to ocean.

This is why events experienced by Mind as problems, challenges, mistakes and ‘things going wrong’ can turn out to be ‘blessings in disguise’. They are ‘in disguise’ to Mind, but not to Consciousness, which can see where it is all leading.

In the same way, we may live somewhere or do something for what Mind thinks are certain reasons, but the location or action can later be seen in a very different light. So it is with my long-time location, the Isle of Wight off the south coast of England, a few miles across the sea from Portsmouth and Southampton.

I have had a virtually life-long association with the ‘Holiday Isle’ and I have great love for the place. It has been such a central part of my soon-to-be 58 years in this reality.

I was born in the city of Leicester in the English East Midlands and brought up on a council estate with lots of other kids from what they call ‘working class’ homes. We were skint most of the time, but when we could afford a holiday my father always took us to the Isle of Wight.

The famous Needles lighthouse and rocks off the Isle of Wight

I fell in love with the place while I was still well in single figures. The first attraction were the ferries running constantly to and from the mainland and the steam trains that used to run all over the island at one time.

Among my earliest memories are playing Isle of Wight ferries in the paddling pool at infant school and sitting on the deck of a paddle steamer ferry in the 1950s heading home after a holiday in Ryde, the town where I have lived since the early 1980s.

The Isle of Wight was a paradise for a kid who loved steam trains and it was the nearest you will see to a real life Thomas the Tank Engine with the little black tank engines all the same and each named after a place on the island.

I used to stand for hours while my family was on the beach watching the trains going up and down Ryde’s long pier to meet the ferries that would then shuttle enormous numbers of people to the island in the summer.

A steam train on Ryde pier seen from the place where I used to stand

I had my honeymoon on the island when I married Linda in the early 1970s and it was always my dream to live here. I thought it was because I loved the place, but from a bigger perspective the reason turned out to be very different.

It was after I moved here the best part of 30 years ago that events began to unfold that led to what I do today. It was my love for the island that started it all, really.

I quickly saw how the island’s beauty and uniqueness were being destroyed by appalling development and building designs that were seriously not in sync with what was already there.

The island has many old and beautiful villages, but they were putting off-the-peg, standard-issue buildings in among the unique ones and spoiling the whole look and
feel of the place.

I started a pressure group with others called Island Watch to challenge the worst of the
planning applications. It wasn’t a case of stopping development, but what kind of development and where.

This is when I first realised that the Freemasons control the Isle of Wight on a massive scale. Freemasonry is at the centre of what is known locally as the ‘Island Mafia’.

The Freemasons controlled the council planning committee and the council itself. Decisions would be made in the lodge during the day by Freemasons from ‘opposing’ parties and they would play out a farce of a public ‘debate’ at the council meeting in the evening before voting for what had been agreed at the lodge.

It became clear pretty quickly that winning the argument was irrelevant. This was not about debate and information, but pre-ordained decisions. This was why I started a branch of the Green Party on the island – to get people who were not Freemasons, or gofers for them, onto the council.

It was incredibly difficult, but we managed to secure the first ever Green Party member of a County Council in the UK, a man who, while not a Freemason, turned out to be a very strange guy in the end.

But had he been the greatest politician in history he would have struggled in the face of the ‘Island Mafia’, a corrupt coalition of Freemasons, lawyers, very dodgy business people, drug runners and dealers, paedophiles and Satanists. Nice people.

How do they get away with it? The Isle of Wight (Freemasonic) police force is one of the most corrupt in Britain and the main local media is controlled by the Freemasons.

The Freemasons’ lodge in the island ‘capital’, Newport

The scale of Freemasonic activity and membership on the Isle of Wight is extraordinary. Martin Short wrote in his 1995 book, Inside the Brotherhood:

‘The island’s sixteen Craft lodges claim 1,500 members. Wight’s entire population is only 110,000 of whom some 40,000 are adult males, so one man in twenty-seven must be a Mason. If we discount unlikely Masonic recruiting material (men under twenty- five, the poor, derelicts and most inmates in Albany and Parkhurst jails) the ratio comes down to one in ten. Most are in business, local government, the police and the law, so it follows that a very large percentage of all island business goes through Masonic hands.’

The Isle of Wight is a world within a world. It’s public face is of a lovely holiday island, a quiet backwater off the English coast where nothing much goes on compared with, say, a mainland city. It’s hidden face is a cesspit of corruption, Satanism and paedophilia of international significance.

The drug-running that goes on here is truly staggering. Drugs are brought in by yachts and boats in apparently amazing quantities and then delivered to the mainland by ‘couriers’ of various kinds who do it for money or drugs, often using the public ferries, including the hovercraft service.

The Isle of Wight hovercraft route is one of the sea-crossing services that couriers use to take the drugs landed on the Isle of Wight to the mainland

One person with insider knowledge estimated that drugs worth an astonishing £500 million pass through the Isle of Wight every year and the drug busts that come to light (a fraction of what’s involved) appear to support that figure.

Cocaine seems to be the main cargo and drug-of-choice, but if you can sniff it, swallow it or stick it your arm you’ll find it passing through the Isle of Wight.

There are properties all over the island that appear to be owned by the people on the legal papers, but in fact are fronts for the Island Mafia to launder drug money. It is the same with many businesses.

A group of Isle of Wight lawyers and ‘business people’ have been charged and bailed for money laundering and fraud and local police officers suspended for the same reason, I am told, but hardly a word appeared in the local media.

Freemasonic and drug networks connect into the Satanic and paedophile rings as they mirror the ring-within-ring blueprint that you find all over the world.

The Olympic rings are an excellent symbol of how the various networks connect

I have been aware for a very long time of the widespread Satanic activity on the Isle of Wight and some years back even the major UK tabloid, the News of the World, did a double page spread about how Satanists control the island council and business.

The paper was quoting an interview with an island ‘community worker’ who said that these Satanic sacrificers of children were pillars of the local community, owners of seaside hotels, business people, local government officers, and politicians (the ‘Island Mafia’).

She described the breeding programmes on the island in which babies are bred for sacrifice through women held captive and how all this connected into the paedophile and drug smuggling rings. Detective Chief Inspector Neil Kingman was quoted by the paper as saying:

‘I have met the community worker several times and interviewed other people regarding this matter. I have no reason to doubt what I am being told.’

Nor should he.

The Isle of Wight is just 23 miles by 13, but what goes on in that small area beggars belief and it is no accident that so many famous people and Illuminati operatives come here.

The former British Prime Minister, the late Ted Heath, was a regular visitor and, as I have said in my books, he was a notorious Satanist and child killer. When I first said this in The Biggest Secret in 1998 a reporter from the Isle of Wight County Press contacted Heath to tell him. What did Heath do? Nothing. Why? Because it was true.

What did the County Press reporter do? She rubbished the idea of Heath being a Satanic child-killer while doing absolutely no research and condemned me for basically being horrible to a nice old man. But, then, the reporter in question is a well- known source of bile and idiocy. Or perhaps more, maybe. We shall see.

The main supply line of children for the global Satanic and paedophile rings are the Social Services networks and, of course, as a prime and extreme example of the global blueprint, the Isle of Wight is no different.

The ugly Isle of Wight council building in Newport

The island Social Services is a vehicle for the Satanists and paedophiles and its main role is not to protect the island’s children, but to protect the Satanists and paedophiles from exposure.

I have just come across a classic case in which the island ‘SS’ has systematically undermined a mother who had reported how her child had been sexually abused by the father for years. That child has now been taken from the mother and into ‘care’ (yeah, right) by Social Services while the father roams free unchallenged.

The story of this mother and child is not even rare – and certainly not here. The State stealing children from parents is becoming commonplace all over the world.

Satanist and paedophile rings always seek to control social services all over the world to (a) supply children for the rings and (b) cover up the rings’ activities. They certainly do so on the Isle of Wight.

But there is an even bigger picture to understand about this place. What I have been describing here are events in what I call the holographic ‘play out’ realm of ‘physical’ reality.

These are just the expression of the energy/consciousness information construct in the vibrational, waveform or non-‘physical’ realms – what I have called in my new book, the ‘Metaphysical Universe’.

It is from this unseen information construct that the ‘physical’ world is made manifest through the decoding system of the body-computer, very much along the lines, in theme, though not detail, of the Matrix movie trilogy.

While we see everything as ‘physical’ events, the ‘place’ where it all originates is the energy information construct and that’s why the Illuminati families expend so much time and effort manipulating this construct because if you want to affect all of the fish together you need to affect the sea – in this case the energy sea – in which we all live.

One level of this is the Earth’s energy grid made up of what are called ley lines or meridians. Where these lines cross are the ‘power points’ on the grid which create a vortex of energy as the flows intersect and interact.

Where lots of lines cross are obviously the most powerful places and these were marked by the ancients with standing stone circles, pyramids and so on. This was done to access the energy and, I would suggest, often to block and dilute the natural power of the energy as part of systematic human suppression and disconnection from higher realities.

The power of the energy in and around this planet is not what it was aeons ago and I explain why in detail in Human Race Get Off Your Knees. The process of restoring that energy is now well underway and it is going to change life on Earth – for the better.

I have learned over the years that the Isle of Wight is a major point on the Earth grid, or rather its meridian system is. Zulu shaman, Credo Mutwa, knew about the Isle of Wight and its significance when I first met him and other such people around the world are the same.

When I say major point, I mean major in terms of global importance and that is why this little island is home to such an enormous Freemasonic/Satanic/paedophile network that connects out into mainland Britain and Europe and across the world.

The Isle of Wight Freemasons (those in the ‘know’ anyway) and Satanists work to keep the energy grid closed and suppressed at this crucial intersection on the global grid by their rituals and other energetically-malevolent activities.

The ‘Confessions of a Satanist’ document that I include as an appendix in my new book says: ‘What most people do not realise is that Satanism is a ritually based practice and that this repetition has – over time – left strong impressions upon the Morphic Field!’.

It certainly has on the Isle of Wight. The Satanists manipulate the energy field into greater density and this distorted vibrational state manifests in one expression as the distorted ‘values’ of the Island Mafia.

Ellis Taylor, a researcher who has specialised in these subjects, apparently identified a ley line going through the collection of high-security and other prisons on the outskirts of the island ‘capital’, Newport.

The island prison complex

The Satanists within government at all levels arrange for energetically negative and disruptive constructions to be placed on these lines – like prisons, Freemasonic lodges, nuclear power stations, major road intersections and so on to suppress, disrupt and negatively-charge the energy flows.

Satanic rituals are performed on these lines and their vortex points to do the same and the Isle of Wight is a prime example. It is an energy network of global importance and so it has imposed upon it a Freemasonic/Satanic presence of global importance.

Most of the hangers on, gofers and low life connected to these rings have no idea about this, nor the genuine Freemasons who have been fundamentally misled about their ‘Craft’. But those at the centre do.

Islands are especially powerful energetically because, by their nature, they are surrounded by seawater which, thanks to its mineral content, is an excellent conductor and collector of energy.

I have known for 20 years that I had been so connected to the Isle of Wight all my life for a reason I hadn’t realised before then – the island’s energy network that operates in conjunction with the British Isles in general as a heart-centre in the global grid.

I had a picture in my mind the other day of the Isle of Wight with a giant cork stuck in it. It was symbolic of the way the energy flows through this ‘heart-centre’ have been corked.

But the times are changing energetically ever more powerfully thanks to what I call the Truth Vibrations and in the next ten years, or more likely earlier, the cork is coming out and the effect on the global energy ‘sea’ will be profound.

Island Mafia – enjoy it while you still can.

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