The Shocking Conspiracy To Assassinate Robert Mugabe – Full Documentary


Killing Mugabe: The inside story of how the Zimbabwe opposition may have plotted with western powers to oust President Robert Mugabe.

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The shocking story of the plot to assassinate Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. Surveillance video footage tells it all: Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change agrees to the “elimination” of Mr Mugabe before he went to the polls in 2002.

Produced by Yellow Media – Ref 1235

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20 Responses

  1. Shareef says:

    they need to go back to Europe Africa land is for Africans only

  2. It was proven way back that the assassination plot was a hoax organized by ZANU PF itself and Morgan Tsvangirai was acquitted of the so called treason charges.

  3. Long live Mugabe. Death to Western backed African Leaders

  4. Do so called Jews own the Diamond and Gold mines in Africa??

  5. black people please listen to Robert Mugabe. he loves his people and understand the evil white people are trying to control the hat country. now they got an albino to be mother Africa. wake up my people.

  6. That is not a conspiracy. The evil British and American want to continue their dominance and greed. I hate them.

  7. The journalist is to be commended for his efforts in
    producing  this documentary but even he
    is subject to the biases and prejudices that is the hallmark of the present
    Anglo American paradigm… He uses phrases such as " black settlers",
    as if the invading whites who stole the land from its rightful black owners
    were indigenous. Giving the impression that the land did not belong to INDIGENOUS
    AFRICANS in the first place. Talk about cognitive dissonance..!!!

  8. Wherever the white man says no you as an African should say yes and vi e versa. Mugabe our only hope, all the remaining are Western puppets who do not represent us but rather their masters in Europe or US. Anytime you hear the white man and his press vent their anger and frustrations towards a black man, immediately suspect them. Black and white do not rhyme, on our side we've tried so much to be with the whites but they won't allow us. We've tolerated their crooked ways for quite a long time. And it's time for them to go!

  9. Mugabe you might think is a bad guy because he's been in power for decades but you can't blame him like he said he fought for the freedom of blacks from the white invaders. I don't see why the natives can't get back the land they were robbed of in the first place I would argue they are more generous, the white family still live in their homes most blacks were thrown miles away into barren lands. Africa is struggling they don't need foreigners to keep land that is outrages in size and claim it is theirs rightfully when it was clearly stolen by brute force.

  10. This is a Jesuit clone created to house a demon probably Satan himself.

  11. triumphant39 says:

    He would have deserved it.

  12. Noble Grand says:

    The Satanic Swiss Mongolid Reptilian families, that the Jesuit/Zionist Freemason Globalist Bankers have married into, breed some Blacks to be their African Black countries leaders, and some of the Reptile beings shift shape to be Black African leaders themselves. :.

  13. Traitors, idiots, ignorants and all that side with anyone else other than their own people is to be smacked around a bit!

  14. Mugabe for president!

  15. Muniid Said says:

    Robert Mugabe is a great leader.

  16. mugabe? more like mugarbage

  17. Mogabi the only African person who treat white satins good please mogabi

  18. Long live Muagbe, a true african hero

  19. John Paul says:

    more grace to u sir i wich black race will  understand

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