The Shocking Way China Would Try and Crush America in a War or (World War III)


The Shocking Way China Would Try and Crush America in a War or (World War 3)

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30 Responses

  1. Zen Marshall says:

    How long has China been building weapons of war, compared to America? The technology of what America has to China. Is like China still using chop sticks. And America using forks and spoons. So China has some technology. Big deal. We have been using and building weapons of war and weapons to destroy China before China started putting made in China on everything. Remember we were the first to build the bomb and use it. China has been making firecrackers for 2000 years. You would think if they had such great technology they would've built a firecracker bigger than bomb way before we built a bomb bugger than the firecracker.

  2. cut of oil and gas supplies to China and they will not last long in a long term war.

  3. himmler1007 says:

    Well I have read that Chinese weapons are defective. China needs to ask Japan what happened to them when they did some sneaky shit

  4. Wont happen that way the US has a lot of missiles on the Ohio class subs that could be launched and melt China to the ground

  5. stop calling china a superpower its just a regional power

  6. Hahahaha, you must from CNN…

  7. 666 says:


  8. Finally this video talk sense.

  9. mark park says:

    america could shut down walmart…not pay china. the stupid gooks would not know what to do. think about it, they couldnt even take on japan without american help. fuck china, dont pay them back,

  10. Aidan Nash says:

    If they attack us, they attack the world. Every other country would go against china, they have no allies except Russia and North Korea that has a decent military.

  11. Dee Ram says:

    and this is when U.S. comes out with our secret ufo aircrafts and beat china in a week

  12. 如來寶成 says:


  13. china should know that usa helped them in ww 2

  14. If China done this China will be out of world map funny

  15. Pak Cheen Dosti Zind Bad >>>>>>> Long Life Friendship between Pakistan & China .

  16. ETsonggalaxy says:

    Look at history.  America has always  found a way  to counter attack.  Good video .   do not forget ,  U.S.A.  even beat Russia in airpower during the Korean war.  Vietnam had great ground tactics,  they  dared NOT to challenge America in the skies.!

  17. Warlordzero1 says:

    This Video is just Bull-Shit what if this what if that, I am sick of rubbish Videos on YouTube.

  18. ETsonggalaxy says:

    China is no longer friends with Viet Nam,  and the Philippines will not mind fighting against the dragons.   Japan is willing to battle with China .  The dragon bullied many seas,  and now many understand they gone too far.  Taiwan cannot deny America gotweapons from America.  China has over 200 million military power,  and they cannot afford to got broke feeding them and to arm them would cost them to go bankrupt! America has invisible weapons and too many deadly weapons.  U.S.A. technology isalways in gear!  China is not so close to ISIS that love themselves only , and their goal is to rape,  kill and destroy  any country ,  Including China and Russia.  China dares to crossthe line?  They  will gain some wins , but NOT all!

  19. Johnboy says:

    America would never be blind,  in order to do that, you have to blind all of our allies, and believe me china has to many enemies for someone not to notice anything, also the minute our satellites get hit, there only a couple of countries that can do that and we already know this, not to mention, all the Chinese that will get killed in America for fun. So they will actually be doing us a favor, remember what happened to Japan. By china doing that, their committing suicide. America is just to powerful, we can take on the whole world if needed, also to many loving Americans here to let anyone come in and try to take over, it will never happen. God Bless America.

  20. The whole world should be reunited and crush America

  21. James Kelman says:

    Perpetuate fear to justify spending billions driving the American tax payer further in debt.

  22. Tom Carr says:

    Do you really think the U.S. will do nothing when the sh!t starts hitting the fan ? China's military would be exposed as a paper tiger in short order. Any land battles would occur in China with the U.S.Navy between us and them. WW3 would have no winner , but any country opposing NATO and the U.S. would be the bigger loser by far


  24. Ravage Glez says:

    Y'all do realize they are so broke (financially, physically, spiritually) that they eat dogs.

    No, im not a troll. Don't believe me? Look up how much is a Chinese soldier worth.

    Only one of my ARs are worth more than 2 Chinese soldiers. Don't get me started with how much one of my vests cost…

  25. Peter goh says:

    Exellent documantary!
    Everyones should encourage US and China to be friends, have FAIR TRADE and positive engagements to benefit both people and the World.

    In a world war no one is a winner. As parents, we pray that our sons and daughters would not be in any wars. Let the whole world trade fairly and help one another to eradicate poverty and diseases.

    May be we all should focus on the potential threats from outer space( natural disasters from falling asteroids and ET incursions) and realise there is even a greater need for all people on Earth to help each other in all aspects of life to make it a better place!

  26. Why get so paranoid? This is only youtube bashing China. Sleep well everyone.

  27. lastgleeming says:

    So this is your insane view? So all you have to do is destroy our command and control and we loose and it's over. I guess the U.S. Should just surrender and give up our military and learn to speak Chinese.

    First of all any attack on U.S. Satellites would spread debris destroying everything in orbit. Including Russian and Chinese satellites. The first satellite destroyed would trigger deacon 1 . We have so many satellites that an American retaliatory strike would make China unable to wage war . We have EMP nukes that would render China's command and control useless.
    Oh forget it ……. This video is so ridicules it's not worth anymore words.

  28. rrflood says:

    This is why the US has bases all over the world. China might be able to strike the close by locations but in the long run, it would get overran. Plus, China can say goodbye to any type of economy that it now has. This is a war that's best left here on youtube.

  29. Jesus..Crist..Will…….To.China.

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