The Slippery Slope To Ebola Martial Law

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The USSA Army is not a humanitarian organization. It has a centuries-long history of blowing things up and killing people. That is what it does. Its institutional mandate is for the exercise, projection and application of military force. Anyone who believes otherwise is self-deluded, for whatever reason.

The Slippery Slope To Ebola Martial Law

That is why the publicly given reasons for sending thousands of USSA Army troops to Liberia, ostensibly to fight the Ebola outbreak there, cannot be true.

Once again, the USSA government, starting with president barack obama, and moving down through the bureaucratic chain of sycophantic lickspittles, toadies and bootlickers, is simply spouting transparently false propaganda.

Francis Boyle, professor of International Law at the University of Illinois, is absolutely correct when he says that the USSA Army is invading Liberia to establish a military base there.

When has the USSA Army ever concerned itself with healing the sick? This is the same organization that killed two to three million people in Vietnam, and untold hundreds of thousands more (or millions?) in a continuing series of wars in the developing world in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. The USSA Army does not alleviate human misery — it causes it.

The USSA Army is intervening in Liberia for military reasons. The centuries-long war against humanity by the USSA military has just entered a new, aggressive phase in West Africa.

Why? Because that is what the USSA military does. It blows things up and it kills large numbers of people. Anyone who believes otherwise is simply self-deluded, against literal reams of historical evidence to the contrary.

Prof. Boyle also points out that there are solid grounds to presume that the Ebola outbreak itself may very likely be due to Ebola viruses from USSA military bio-warfare laboratories that have been established in West Africa in recent years and decades, in violation of international law.

There is great evil at work in this Ebola outbreak and the USSA military is up to its eyeballs in it.

The War Against Humanity Comes Home To The USSA Mainland

Lest the self-deluded think that they will somehow magically avoid the grim fate that the USSA military’s killing machine has unleashed on countless millions of other people all over the world, please note that the USSA Army is now developing special Ebola squads to be deployed within the USSA itself.

The first 30-member, Pentagon Ebola medical team is now training at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. According to a USSA Military Northern Command spokesman “similar units could be created.

According to another Northern Command spokesman, “Northern Command forces will be prepared to provide direct care for Ebola victims.”

And how will they do that? Forgive me if I am skeptical of the story as put forth by the American military.

Let’s say that someone in your family is reported to the military as having a fever, or a bad cough, or bleeding from the nose or mouth.

Later that day, or the next day, 30 soldiers in bio-hazard suits show up at your house and take away the ill family member, as well as you and the rest of the family for “Ebola treatment.”

Where will they take you for treatment? Who knows? And what kind of “treatment” will the military provide, that civilian hospitals cannot?

There again, who knows? But the mere fact of the military involving itself in a domestic health care mission should raise numerous questions.

Since when has the American military taken a high-profile role in public health policy?

Surely you see the issue, and it is fundamental in every way for the governance of civil society, Ebola or no Ebola.

Will They “Disappear” People?

Is this the way that medical martial law begins, complete with “disappeared” people who are taken away by military “medical” units for “treatment” — and who never return? They just vanish into military “medical care,” never to be seen again?

I raise the question, because this may already have begun. Government agencies may already have started to “disappear” people, under the guise of containing a public health threat.

Unfortunately, it looks like the plan is to use Ebola as a justification for medical martial law, at least in the USSA. The conspicuous involvement of the military at this juncture trends uncomfortably in that direction.

I am reminded of the vision that ayahuasca showed me in early 2012, when I asked it to show what the future held in store. It showed me a clear, unambiguous vision of a concentration camp, a totalitarian or authoritarian, societal control system, that extended even to mind control and rigid spiritual suppression.

The vision I was shown bore a strong, uncomfortable resemblance to this illustration by David Icke.

I know that David Icke has also drunk ayahuasca and it has played a role in his subsequent, extensive writing and public speaking of the last 20+ years. I suspect that David has seen and been told some of the same things as I have by the shamanic plants. This scene comports very well with what I was shown, down to the formidable security fence, the guard or gun towers, the raked gravel, the surrounding forest. In my vision there were also military trucks and overhead, a shimmering, ephemeral grid or net, that was part electronic, part astral, and designed for the full spectrum mental and spiritual suppression and control of human thought. activity and freedom, in all its dimensions, exterior and interior.

It was a grim vision, and yet I can see the elements steadily being set into place.

If people are already “disappearing”, or will soon be “disappeared” by USSA military “medical teams”, will they be taken to places like this, never to be seen or heard of again? Never to leave, whether dead or alive?

The Peculiar Case of the Infected Ebola Doctor in New York City

And then there is the surpassing bizarre case of the medical doctor in New York City, who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in West Africa.

No sooner did he finish treating patients with Ebola than he flew right back to the USSA and spent almost a week galavanting around New York City, until — whoopsie! — he suddenly manifested Ebola symptoms and now has to be medically isolated. In the meanwhile, he rode the subway all over town, went to a bowling alley and more, exposing untold thousands of others to potential infection with Ebola.

How is it possible to go from treating Ebola patients in the West African hot zone, and to then just willy-nilly fly back to the hustle and bustle of New York City and go all over the place for the better part of a week, with no medical quarantine or medical safe guards?

How is that possible, unless the working public health policy of the USSA government is to passively (or actively?) spread the Ebola virus into American society?

None of this makes any sense. We have moved into Bizarro World, and this is just the beginning of the zaniness. Very dark global and national agendas are clearly in play.

Good luck to us all. We’re going to need it.

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