The Solar Storm That Almost Started World War III


May 23rd, 1967 could have been the beginning of the end – all thanks to the sun. Hosted by: Reid Reimers ———- Support SciShow by becoming a patron on …


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  1. You forgot to mention that Canada played a big part in the early warning system. My friends dad use to work in one of those stations and like you said in the beginning, people back then smoked like crazy, every picture had ash trays all over the place

  2. Wayne Hines says:

    Every time the video cuts away from Reid I can't help but visualize Penn Jillette talking about space science.

  3. a day the world almost ended

  4. Can you guys talk about the actually appearance of Earth like a deform egg/ ball shape?

  5. If Trump was president back then, imagine trying to explain science to him. We'd all be living in a Mad Max world by now.

  6. McVirre says:

    "Luckily", yeah ok

  7. Why do people still use the picture of red/yellow-ish sun even though the sun is actually white.

  8. TheShadowlin says:

    what a bunch of dunces non scientists are… waiting around to kill all of humanity… nearly tricked by the nonsense idea that the Soviets jammed ALL radio stations… with what power I ask?
    obviously they came to their senses but you have to be be a mad tosser to want a job like that. waste of time and life. stupid humanity. to k ow so much but so little of life and love.
    we are a dumb society, period.

    someone dig up the Egyptians, we won't make 500 years let alone 3000. let's ask them what they were doing right. probably having better sex and no fast food… hahaha

  9. Thank goodness Clinton didn't get elected or we would be going into WW3…

  10. What's the source of the image at 1:01 ? It is a perfect backgroud image for my desktop.

  11. I enjoy the speaker, though there's sort of a "rasp" to it, like there's a strange airy high pitch along with the speech. Otherwise he's a pretty good speaker.

  12. Or "How the Air Wearther Service Saved Mankind"

  13. And they say we only came a hair's breadth away from the event horizon twice in the 20th century.

  14. Scott Bayley says:

    When you said BMEWS was in Alaska Greenland and the UK… I think you meant Canada.
    Don't do that.

  15. CplDabu909 says:

    Biggest troll award of 1967 goes to the sun.

  16. Eryk Pyts says:

    why do they call it GLOBAL? if the U.S. & Russia fired missiles at each other – provincial places, like Africa, Australia & South America should survive

  17. wanka Tigo says:

    complete nuclear fallout was practically a hat drop away o.O

    ahhhhh I don't trust any of these people with nukes

  18. The part about the excess charged particles reaching earth's surface in a big CME was confusing and not relevant since it was the initial radio wave blast reaching earth 8 minutes after the forecast CME occurred that caused the jamming and not the charged particles that arrived days later causing auroras obvious to everyone.

  19. Jason Juice says:

    my urine is dark yellow

  20. Jared Duddie says:

    When I learned about this it was on the Russian side. The man in charge of giving the orders for the counterattack (can't remember his name) saw that they were getting readings of 4 missiles heading to Russia but he went with his gut held off on firing off their nukes. Now I learned what happened on the American side and how both almost attacked each other because of the sun.

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