The Third Anti-Christ – Nostradamus Effect

Pakalert July 27, 2010 1

Nostradamus Effect: Satan’s Army (History Channel)

Examines prophecies from Nostradamus that reportedly predict three evil dictators that are referred to as anti-christs. The first believed to be Napoleon, the second Hitler, and the third is unknown.These are the last days, and with it, a man will rise and death and hell will follow. This video gives us a glimpse of the horror that must come. Are you ready to meet the Lord? If not, your time is running out! Do you realize that the Antichrist is here right now? Do you realize the enormous impact this will soon have on your life and the entire Western world? No, this is not just a religious matter. It goes far beyond that as you will come to understand.

In Biblical prophecy there falls the shadow of a figure at once commanding and ominous. Under many different names like the aliases of a criminal, his character and movements are set before us. The Lion and Lamb Ministry has created this in-depth Bible study on this one who will be the full embodiment of human wickedness and the final manifestation of satanic blasphemy.

“Nearly all commentators find Antichrist mentioned in the Apocalypse, but they do not agree as to the particular chapter of the Book in which the mention occurs. Some point to the “beast” of 11:7, others to the “red dragon” of Chapter 12, others again to the beast “having seven heads and ten horns” of 13, sqq., while many scholars identify Antichrist with the beast which had “two horns, like a lamb” and spoke “as a dragon” (13:11, sqq.), or with the scarlet-coloured beast “having seven heads and ten horns” (17), or, finally, with Satan “loosed out of his prison,” and seducing the nations (20:7, sqq.). A detailed discussion of the reasons for and against each of these opinions would be out of place here.” extract from the Catholic Encyclopedia

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  1. ali amin February 13, 2011 at 6:33 pm - Reply

    The king of the south shall be strong and one of his princes shall be strnger than he and shall have a great dominion .That is how ww3 will begin .We are a southern african -muslim tribe.If we arise then someone in saudi arabia will arise and that makes them them north ,or is it iran.This will happen 2011 .I will use 999 as my number .what 999 means is a straight line and that is Islam!!!.999 translates to iii ,that is the 9th letter of the english alphabet.iii translates to 111.111 is the alpha and 999 is omega. so i will start ww3 and end it. They planned it to detail .The pope is no 111.ww3 begins 2011 and ends 2019.the anti-christ will come 2016 ,born on 6 feb 1962 in jerusalem on a total solar eclipse!.we will mark our hands with 999 and our faces.One 9 goes on your right eye ,the other on your forehead and lastly on your left eye.999 tanslates to triple eyes-you see. I am of the siddiqui clan ,descendant of ali and the prophet of islam.Nostradamus 5;25 -the arab prince mars ,sun ,venus,leo .the rule of the church will succumb by the sea:towards persia very nearly a million men,the true-serpent will invade byzantium & Egypt.I am an arab prince God of war ,999 represents the light brotherhood-that is the sun.i am full of love and very brave .I will destroy catholics and Italy .I will work with Iran .To put the nail in the coffin siddiqui means the true one and that is my clan name and my surname means a serpent .I only read the full prophecies of nosta last year .i used to translate my names into english and bang the true -serpent . The other is 2:28.The penultimate of the surname of the prophet will take diana for his day.It is not about diana .I was born in november ,so i am a penultimate .i am also second from last in my house.Siddiqui-Amin is the surname of Muhammad .i will use siddiqui as my clan.It is an Arab islamic war.The divisions are not clear cut.Arabia vs Africa, but in it any race .Sudanese-arabs are from Egypt.Ethopians and Somalia Yemen.Maybe i will invade Egypt cause it is a sunni stronghold.

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