The Third Antichrist – End Of Days Prophecy (Documentary)


In this doomsday prophecy video, we are going to present you the third Antichrist as said by Nostradamus, the Antichrist who is going to bring the end of the …


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  1. TIM RATLIFF says:

    and putin name in hebrew is the bair so if you know the the names of the players on the world stag you will know that i am telling the truth trump is. a sheep that speaks like a dragon watch don't be fooled

  2. TIM RATLIFF says:

    look at a young napoleon and a young donald trump thy are the same

  3. Donald Trump is the anti-christ

  4. b bock says:

    As the Boy Scout Motto say's "Be Prepared", buy ammo…..

  5. blijytoo says:

    the anti Christ is the roayl Saudi family.

  6. Gayle Cheung says:

    Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ, 2016

  7. That will happen if another democratic president is voted.

  8. Thanks… Klass.. gold people

  9. Thanks…. Gmadlobt….???

  10. fuckin rubbish if i wanted to get my info from a deceptive television network most of which pedal watered down quarter tuths who do as theyre told…then id switch on the freakin TV they should ban network posts on youtube fuckin ruffles my feathers no end!!

  11. nostradamus what about the book of enoch…my point exactly half truths

  12. They are leaving out a bunch of important fact such as in the book of Daniel it states that the antichrist will not have lust for women. Yes, the antichrist will be a faggot.

  13. This end of the world thing only exists in the minds of those who read things into everything. It never really happens in the real world…its just humans with their many ideas trying to control other humans that dont agree with their ideas…in other words its just a whole load of bullshit.

  14. felipe mora says:

    is it realy gonna end

  15. felipe mora says:

    is it realy gonna end

  16. at 11.16 Greek riot police

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