The Third World War, a Warning



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  1. All placard writings are with a SAME HAND!
    Stop at 6:12

    This is a inside agent provocateurs. You all better wake up to the truth that government make this shit again and again with big secret funding. They want all scared.

  2. chickenppox says:

    1.5 billion muslims in the world…if this guy was actually correct we are soooo screwed

  3. @chickenppox

    I know so many troops something like 250 million to 500 million!

  4. kopigjd says:

    don't fuc*in shout, narrator

  5. Gar455 says:

    narrator ur a shite bag an a racist all mainstreem religions are wrong equaly they all seek to control those that follow them that is there 1 and only purpose and if u knew anything about world politics an how the world actually works u wouldnt have made this fucking poxy video and b4 u ask no im not a muslim. go fuck yourself.

  6. psiclonus says:

    Typical Leftist Propaganda!

  7. A Freeman says:


  8. An error with the roman numerals there.

  9. @akinkhoo if u knew the history , u knew that the jewish through out the centuries was spread out at europe and the whole world, while the jewish asked for a country no one the natzies tried to kill the jewish as the spanish in 15 century and there are alot of examples through the histroy.
    so after a 2000 years without a home and country to the jewish people..can u blame us?no but the muslims got 60 countries in the world and still they have a bad life ,and immagrate to hated western

  10. @vadim566 countries that they are so hating and protasting against them

  11. @vadim566 dude there is alot of holes in ur theory when one side doesnt recognized as the second side that they dont have the opportunity to be even excited, when from a realy young age kids want to blow them self just for killing there is big problem, its not that israli side never wanted to yield of alot of principles just for peace, but without no answer this a culture problem as the video saying, they will never give up on the lands that they think its belong to them.

  12. @vadim566 and the only peace agreement they acceptd (with egypt, jordan)it was only after we conquerd their lands and then we returned it for peace. so after they slaying a whole family like they were a pigs , this is will never end and this is no signs for peace, only for reminding u, as the Czechoslovakia prime minister said after the natzies invaded to his country he sayd the next words:"Today its us, Tomorrow Its ur turn".

  13. generichumor says:

    People are leaving Islam in droves. But you are right, their birthrate is out of control. But it is also part of the reason for all the unrest in the Arab Spring. Too many people, not enough jobs.

  14. timi RO says:

    @PupuTheClown Vienna is not in Switzerland.

  15. Budi Santoso says:

    My country (Indonesia) in all periods has attack by Portuguese, Dutch, Britain and Japan..
    How about that?

  16. james walker says:

    i feel sorry for you.

  17. Andulsi says:

    I' m not sure its fair to qualify all Islam as though its adherents were of one mind. I suggest that the majority in the Muslim world have absolutely no wish to see such a clash.

  18. I'm just afraid of China cause their army is freakin huge…

  19. Your war is foretold by the heathens ages ago. The gods will kill each other. Ragnarok will come.

  20. Franco was not a Fa.scist and he didn't take part in World War II. He did get help from the Fascist and Nazis in the Civil War, but he was a Catholic Spanish Nationalist, incompatible with both Fascism and Nazism´╗┐

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