The Top 3 World War I Video Games


Battlefield 1 comes out in October. What to do until then? As it’s set during World War I, check out my picks for the top / best 3 video games set in WW1. It features …


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  1. That intro startled me!

  2. Andrew Owens says:

    Warfare 1917 is a fun little free online strategy game!

  3. Hey man enjoyed playing battlefield hardline man we should do it agian sometime

  4. TriggerSpawn says:

    All the people saying Verdun is a great game have likely not played it…

    The game is essentially dead. Most matchups end up being no more than 6v6 because of this, if not less. The maps are huge but only allow for 16v16, thus causing most of the map to be empty, unused, and generally this kills any sense of teamwork or coordination, not to mention that in the trailers some show MUCH more than 16 or even 32 people on the screen at once, which is false advertising. The controls are clunky. The gunplay is bad. Meelee combat is worse.

    Not a good game at all. The list should be "3 WW1 Games" as that's almost all there is.

  5. ForestWombat says:

    Valiant Hearts is a true masterpiece.

  6. Hans A. says:

    "Toy Soldiers" and "Valiant Hearts" we're free games of the month at some point for PS4…now excuse me while I download them again.

  7. Circleman 58 says:

    do a Verdun lp

  8. Chad Zahara says:

    Dynamix's 1990 PC game, Red Baron, was incredible for its time and I still find it fun to play. It's an early flight sim and dog fighting game with a good set of features and modes, i.e. Career, Dogfight a Famous Ace, etc. It's by far one of my favourite games and one people should check out. has it and its sequel in a bundle if anyone is curious.

  9. Homur Smpsin says:

    Flakfire bby <3

  10. Ir_Alakazam says:

    You've forgot Battlefield 1918 (Mod of bf1942), the original Battlefield 1

  11. Flakfire do u think cod should go ww2 or battlefield go ww2 next

  12. I have played Valiant Hearts and it's got an amazing story and the ending is devastatingly sad.

  13. VanBogan says:

    Wings of honor, battles of the red baron is also a wonderful game focused around the air frontier perspective of the time, it also allows you to play two campaigns either as the Germans or the Allied forces.

  14. Dat Boi says:

    Awesome video.Verdun looks good.

  15. ASAP Kills says:

    Also in your next vid u should discuss the beta

  16. Vinny Chops says:

    I cannot wait for Verdun, it actually looks and sounds fairly realistic. Valiant Hearts on the other is an absolutely brilliant game that touched my soul in a good, but sad way.

  17. WW3 for battlefield 6 please…with ospreys and black hawks for america and ka-52 new apache,t14 armata tank and newer designs of Russian air transport for Russian Army please. That would be awesome.

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