The True Story of Madeleine McCann – Buried By Mainstream Media – Full Documentary


The Madeleine McCann disappearance has become one of the most enduring mysteries of our time and has generated thousands of front page headlines.


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  1. Watch this on x1.5 speed to save yourself some time, dudes, dudettes and dudes of neutral/combination gender.

  2. 23:48 – I think it is quite reasonable to think that : when this story broke, it was massive news. Our government was expected to 'react' in some way, to 'protect Brits abroad' whilst the public attention was at its initial zenith. Sending a top media spin 'Malcolm Tucker' out to help the McCann family seems reasonable. If you were to assume their innocence, ('worst case scenario' in terms of media spin and public opinion is they discover she WAS kidnapped and the British government did NOTHING to help the poor family etc.) SO – It is logical to think that as the media circus started, the British government sent out a 'ringmaster' to help the (possibly guilty but also possibly) distraught parents deal with the reporters, or at least this man put himself in this role. Sold his 'services' to the McCanns. I also think that Murdoch and chums would recognise the potential earning power this story has. It would not be a surprise to think that Murdoch or his minions would benefit from this story if it played out the way they could sell the most papers (missing girl never found, poor parents do the talk shows, false hope stories and possible leads sell papers on slow news days.) It is clearly a 'banker' of a story for them. So I totally understand the Murdoch group wanting to have close control over the story. To effectively 'own' it.

    If the McCanns were innocent, it would seem callous to observe the media frenzy and not offer to help them deal with it, if you were in government. It would seem bad business to not send your 'ringmaster' to the circus if you were Murdoch.

    Whether this manipulation of the media and subsequent 'stories' has been done to 'protect' their assets (The McCanns) – simply out of blind naivety or with a disregard for the truth in favour of sales is not clear.

    I should think Murdoch & co. could now sell a shit load more papers by unearthing evidence that damns the McCanns. If they had such truths in their possession. It would be in the media interest to sacrifice the goose when it stops shitting gold eggs out. No?

    I also wonder if the self awareness to recognise that they could easily become media scapegoats/villains might drive the McCanns to enlist such a media team? Maybe this idea was put to them at the time…
    "Employ our man and tell our story or we will tell a story you don't want to hear."

    I have always thought this was a totally suspect affair. When I heard about the staggering amount of money involved in the subsequent campaigns, the book deals etc. I thought, 'They did it!' – I watched dispatches. I thought 'They did it!'

    So I understand that I was just jumping to conclusions. Hence watching this to discover more information.

    Gotta be careful not to jump to any conclusions either way though. If you want to discover truths, that is. :)

  3. 32:40 now. So. The windows thing. You had me going for a bit there. I was like, 'They did it!' BUT – Have you checked to see that they didn't close the window and re arrange the curtiains after they discovered M. was missing but before the police arrived? I mean, my natural reaction to the wind blowing the curtains, even/especially if worried by a missing child, with two other children in the apartment, would be to close the window. I would probably do this on autopilot whilst distraught with worry over my missing child and so would probably find it difficult to remember exactly (and to translate into Portugese to Portuguese police?) – We do know people create 'false memories' and panic can affect our recall. Hmmm. I will continue watching.

    To be fair, I came to this video thinking 'They fucking killed her by accident with sedatives and panicked, dumped her body in a bin (which was emptied the following day thanks to inept Portuguese police) and got away with it, seeing a money spinning opportunity arise from a tragic mistake, spurred on by media types.'

    But I am not sure all this conjecture and pedantic, micro examination of 'facts' so far is helping to solidify my opinion. Rather I can see how you can get caught up in details that seem to be conspicuous in their inconsistency and let paranoia fill in the blanks, lol. So far nothing damning.

  4. 40:00 – Again, inconsistency in the story regarding the weather could simply be put down to 'poetic licence' when writing a book for general popular consumption.

    Maybe Mr McCann just is one of those people who doesn't feel the cold so much. lol.

  5. 46:00 – Phew. Only 3 more hours left. – I think the thing that is bugging me a bit is that you are critiquing the 'facts' but not offering any alternative evidence. It is all conjecture and 'ideas' at the moment. Hopefully the 'second two thirds' will bring up some more alternative evidence. Oh and Hi! Going out to Portugal to film this must have been interesting! Good to see you present to camera. :)

  6. 59:50 – Okaaaaayyy. So, This guy is shady as F**k, right. The most incredible element of his statement is that the 'children looked immaculate, like little angels' and that it seemed all picture perfect stuff. I have been on family holidays as a kid. I could imagine the trouble Kate would have been having. Kids fresh back from kids club, full of sugar and ice lollies, messed up from activities. How could they have possibly all been scrubbed up and ready for bed? Kids don't do that. They want to play, they want to go out with mommy. I can imagine that other doctor guy popping in to see if Kate was OK as instructed and discovering screaming toddlers and a manic mom. "I just want some peace and quiet for once!" Was a war cry in our household, lol. I can then easily imagine this doctor friend offering to 'help' by sedating the kids, and probably Kate as well. "I'll just pop and get something to calm everyone down…" Hence his total flap when interviewed.

    Still, this is total conjecture and not hard evidence. I mean, fella was on holiday, playing tennis, swimming etc. I couldn't remember what order or time I did things on my last holiday. You go 'off the clock' and forget things on holiday, don't you.

    I must say, I am quite enjoying this evening typing my ramble into the ether. I watch documentaries to 'wind down' of an evening. This one is igniting my desire to type for some reason. lol.

    I shouldn't type 'lol' so often. A girl died.

  7. It sounds a lot like the JonBonet Ramsay case in America. A child is accidentally killed by the parents, so to protect the family, they do what seems natural to them. Stage a kidnapping and/or murder and spend the next few years denying their involvement. Its a better option than going to prison and the remaining children becoming orphans.

  8. i love rich halls documentary's , has he done any more upto date stuff ?

  9. I think Maddy's parents killed her but who knows I think they were planning it as well idk I could be obvious and they possibly hidden the body of their daughter this is one mystery that baffled millions of people

  10. VGX NITRO says:

    Its about time they got jailed its clear they are guilty of Madeline going missing the evidence is all there , how can they live with what they have done to that poor wee girl they are scum, and it doesnt say much for our government covering up for them giving them money etc they havent searched for Madeline

  11. Great video. I would like to hear your opinion on how they did it – breaking the timeline of events down, and windows of opportunity in a similar way. Great analysis of the discrepancies but I'm yet to see anyone put forth a plausible explanation which is all the more frustrating.

  12. If this was shorter (and I mean much much shorter) then by now this video would have had in excess of 100,000,000 (100 million) views.

  13. it was Gerry and Kates fault for leaving her in the 1st place

  14. OMG 43:00 in or so. Gerry squirms when asked anything about what happened. Can't look anyone in the eye and panics. They know…..

  15. Podesta abduction Madeline


  17. Multiple Reports Tie Clinton’s Podesta Brothers to Child Abduction Case of Madeline McCann

  18. Iain Robb says:

    Perhaps the Podesta brothers, who I believe I have helped find prosecutable evidence against for child trafficking in the Podesta leaks, who fit eyewitness sketches exactly, and were in Portugal at this period, had something to do with this.

  19. AlexGRFan97 says:

    We know who did it through some internet super-sleuthing. Look up John and Tony Podesta, the ringleaders behind Clinton's 2016 campaign.
    – Earliest email on Wikileaks dates to May 4th 2007, the day after Madeleine was reported missing
    – Have existing connections to convicted pedophiles such as Danny Hastert, James Alefantis and Laura Silsby
    – Portugal is a regular holiday destination for these two brothers
    – They look almost exactly like the two suspects on the computer generated e-fits

     These fuckers will pay. Anyone who tries to dismiss this will be called an agent working to cover up the truth. John and Tony Podesta are guilty for the kidnapping and subsequent rape/murder of Madeleine McCann. Spread the word.

  20. Lori Stevens says:

    I have never read such ignorant comments, EVER. it's a shame that these comment boards couldn't be used to help solve a case, instead of squabbling and pointless comments. people are always just leaving comments just to hear themselves talk. pity.

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