The Truth About Alcohol: Etymology & Symbolism. PLEASE SHARE!


Examine the # esoteric aspects, # etymology /origins and # health effects of # Alcohol , the worlds most MALEFIC drug and it’s abuse, including the word’s …


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  1. Fiona Murphy says:

    please primise me you wont listen to those condemning you as a light worker. IGNORE THEM. THEY ARE IGNORANT TO THE TRUE MEANING. there IS what is being called infughting going on with the lightworkers. its NOT. it IS a sorting of shit from clay so to speak. those who tried to pay to learn something that was NOT their calling (while seeking wat they want, they missed wat was theirs. Then thise that went on to make money from what they thought they had a right to learn. NO they did not. it IS GREED. the sieve thats sorting them. those who will only do for money compared with those whoes gifts they were born with and have been given in love to help. NO MONEY. The GREED FOR MONEY IS ILLUMANATI DRIVEN AND FONTROLLED. Care not for wat is sed. as those saying it will be making money while leaving those in need who cant pay. without ANY help. No this is wrong and NOT a healer….. light warrior… worker of Gaia at all. just egotistical GREED. leaving those with no money to suffer………NO not of the kight in anyway. just call themselves that as they seem to think their paying to learn a gift not for them gives them the title of light….IT DOES NOT. EGO workers is a better title for them.

  2. Fiona Murphy says:

    loving this. recovering pisshead myself. live in a town where only 20% of the population DONT drink. same for the whole country. NZ. all moving to wine. as their deluded alky brains think its more socially acceptable. Yip rolling in their own vomit in gutters def makes it better hahahaha. love it keep up the good work. i did 7 yrs drug n alky councilling. you have opened another door. esoteric. all alcohol IS controlled by the rothschilds also. have done here for ever. and the rest of the world. along with meth. herion and cocoaine. all controlled by them. Hence it getting way worse at this point. to stop the energy flow.

  3. Fiona Murphy says:

    I am an energy healer and a animal communicator. but now am icing u on humans minds fro overseas. I am also a natural remedy ractictioner. And am an Equine Nutritionist. I am now organic. I run a rescue for off the track horoughbreds. I am donated a roduct that AFTER 40 yrs of horses my horses now have ZERO egg counts. I used to after using the chemical poisons have low egg counts. now finally after 2 years have ZERO and have had for some time. Thing is the Chemical poisons actually damage the intestional tract. and that allows the eggs a lace to hide. STress oor diet all affect our digestive tract. The horse and human digestive tract is freakily similar. Excet them like me have no gallbladder. I use a natural roduct from the earth herself. DE combined with 3 other natural ingredients, and i have horseses and myself with no EGG or worms or lave. and erfect bloods. Thing is to treat naturally it is soooo easy and so ind and gentle. all my horses cut their foraging and hayin half, and they kept on gaining. Yet on this they cannot get FAT, just right. really. The whole arasite thing has become a MAJOR $$$$$$$$$ for the establishment. vets get bac handers and SO DO DOCTORS as we all now. they have registered this natural roduct as a vet medicine so we cannot advertise it as a wormer.. If you do your u shit creek. Its disturbing how hell bent humanity is on listening to the Medical profession and their chemical oisons. that ARE to ILL. No money in cures and healing. Lots in Treatment and Death. You guys have it way worse over there. and so does Australia. they have worms that ill also heartworm. We dont really have any redators excet for the long versions of these worms. . Man is the biggest predator here. Dont trust what you hear about clean green NZ. your all being fed GMOed Dairy.

  4. Fiona Murphy says:

    Also guess who has got a BIG hold on our organic growers and distribitors here in New Zealand. ??? the country with the oulation smaller than Sydney australia…………. James Cameron. illumaniti one eyed twat!!. He has the hem to!!!

  5. Commanding to abstain from meats=heedinding seducing spirits.

  6. Farrrrk i think this video just turned vegan not even joking

  7. Seth Farmer says:

    alcohol has been used to purify water that had microbials in it….plus you are using a scripted scene of a movie to give your arguments validity…stupid twat like kids getting political advite from actors, people who are literally paid to imitate someone else fictional or not. I think you should be really smart and take advice from something even more pure, cartoons… yeah that'll show everyone. P.S. your adrenal gland and your digestive system are not connected adrenaline is for flight or fight response not desolving foods but who knows you might get unrationally excited from food and kick start your adrenalin.

  8. Seth Farmer says:

    In the 38 minutes 42 seconds to make this I could have solved any ones problem with parasites or viruses with one word alone. "anti-biotics."

  9. two years sober 9.10.14

  10. Lorenz Ium says:

    36 seconds in and I already see bullshit. The etymology of the word alcohol is as follows:

    alcohol (n.)
    1540s (early 15c. as alcofol), "fine powder produced by sublimation," from Medieval Latin alcohol "powdered ore of antimony," from Arabic al-kuhul "kohl," the fine metallic powder used to darken the eyelids, from kahala "to stain, paint." The al- is the Arabic definite article, "the."

    "Powdered cosmetic" was the earliest sense in English; definition broadened 1670s to "any sublimated substance, the pure spirit of anything," including liquids. Modern sense of "intoxicating ingredient in strong liquor" is first recorded 1753, short for alcohol of wine, which was extended to "the intoxicating element in fermented liquors." In organic chemistry, the word was extended 1850 to the class of compounds of the same type as this.

    Nothing to do with ghouls or spirits, except for the "pure spirit of things" as mentioned above.

  11. 89gymratt says:

    imagine taking home a beautiful blonde or redhead you take her clothes off , bend her over , spread her open to go for a taste and a BIG WORM CRAWLS OUT FROM HER ASS , that would be soo gross hahaha ! that shit should be in a movie

    thats why i detox and cleanse my body every 6 months

  12. Inkkink says:

    Your etymology of alcohol is wrong. Any cursory google search for the etymology of "alcohol" would show that. Why lie?

  13. Use cannabis, not alcohol.

  14. that water shits crazy


  16. Ryan Kirby says:

    Except, I think the effects of heavy metal if you were also completing the action of loving kindness, would have a different pattern. The water must have picked up the vibration of the scientist that didn't like heavy metal as well as the music being played…because if you played the music at lower decibels, it could be possible to transfer love into the water. To each your own.

  17. Ryan Kirby says:

    Carl Sagan was an atheist, and AA has an extremely low success rate.

  18. Ryan Kirby says:

    The info on parasites and detoxing was extremely helpful.

  19. I'm gonna need a drink for this!

  20. Kitten Milk says:

    alot of angry comments here, seemed to have hit a nerve, good work lol.

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