The Truth Behind Charlie Charlie Challenge | Mexican Demon Ritual [Charlie Caught On Tape]


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  1. if he haunts you say"IF YOU HATE ME LET ME GOOOO!!!!"

  2. its funny every Body takes the shit of were they are

  3. Norma Troche says:

    old shit still works.

  4. so fake it's hard to watch

  5. Maeva Caroux says:

    c'est facil de soufflé

  6. Jacob Black says:

    I was playing with my friend I asked Charlie will you marry and closed my eyes as I was afraid opened and it was on yes my friend was laughing sooo hard I think she did it but it have been many weeks she still says she did Not .and she is a person who can't even keep a little secret while a prank sooo ….should I be afraid

  7. Charlie….charlie he bit me and it hurts……awwww charlie!!!

  8. u stupide, you think its a stupide game, u sick.

  9. Zappa Harris says:

    2:36 that little white hoe can stfu

  10. Thanh Nguyen says:

    okay I don't believe in demons, I don't believe in Charlie, I don't believe anything can possess me, unless I'm in another weird dimension……don't hate me by saying that, but I'd never tried Charlie Charlie game before, & I'm not starting it now…

  11. Thanh Nguyen says:

    & these people are probably acting

  12. I now charkie is a boy

  13. Dajah Odum says:

    I don't believe in all of that mess and I am not starting now I only believe in God and his angles and other sports in heaven

  14. That white girl on 2:34 rasis


  16. DeeMG says:

    Another version of ouija board.

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