The Truth Behind RFID Chips In Obamacare


Brandon Walker

The truth is there is a huge smear campaign to hide the truth.  The RFID chip that everyone is worried about is in Obamacare. It isn’t labeled brilliantly that “we are going to microchip the world” that some people would like to think, but the wording and the ability to microchip everyone in America is in the final bill that passed and is now being implemented throughout the country. It is listed under a bio-metric tracking implant.

The Truth Behind RFID Chips In Obamacare

When the RFID chip was first announced, the Democratic Senators, House Members, and President all went out of their way to put millions of dollars out in an effort to say that anyone that thought it was in there was nuts. Even when liberal NBC predicted on live television that everyone would be microchipped by 2017, they received several smear campaigns. Even keeps updating their website to “prove” no such thing appears in the bill. We have to remember that these are the same people that say you can keep your insurance, premiums wouldn’t increase, there are no death panels, and several lies when it came to their Affordable Healthcare Act (now known as Obamacare).

When the original wording came out, HR3200, it turns out that they indeed had means and wording to microchip the entire country within three years of its release.

The page numbers and language cited in the example above were taken from HR 3200, an early House version of health care reform legislation which was never passed by Congress; passages cited from HR 3200 are therefore irrelevant.”

They are correct. HR3200 didn’t pass, HR3962 did. This led to a startling prediction by NBC that everyone would be microchipped by 2017.

Turns out that HR3962 has the same things int it. It is an exact duplicate of HR3200 minus very few words concerning the RFID chip. They instead change the name to bio-metric device and bio-metric tracking.

So many point out that there was a reconciliation bill 4872 that all the fact check sites point out to try to debunk the HR3962 bill. The reconciliation bill was put into place when they could not agree on the funding for Obamacare. If you take a close look at HR4872, on page 1014 is the exact same wording as HR3962.

Download (PDF, 3.78MB)

In it you find the wording for the implementation of the Class II medical device throughout the country. While it does not say everyone in the United States will be microchipped, it very well grants the government the ability to put a Class II medical transponder that is implanted under the skin.

That leads one to question if the transponder is the RFID chip.

Well, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) web site, it is. The patent has been out since around December 10, 2004, and they have been searching for a way to implement the system. So what is a Class II medical device? According to the FDA: an implantable radiofrequncy transponder system for patient identification and health information. The link to the website is attached. The key word is implantable. They also have the implementation of RFID technology for storing vitals and tracking.

If you are worried about the grain of rice looking microchip, that seems to be a test run. The device you see on the internet measures glucose levels and even Snopes has to admit that it is being tested now.

The chip shown in the photo is actually one that measures glucose levels in diabetes patients, as evidenced by this 2007 article about this new concept in glucose monitoring.

They are also in artificial limbs, pacemakers, and breast implants to send real time data back to the doctor already.

With the banking information and the IRS also being in the bill that you can read, it will also include banking and purchasing information. There is also clauses to include the Medicade and Medicare fraud units that will propel the chip in a way to avoid system fraud.

It seems in a way what most people don’t see is that there is also a version of the chip that has a lethal dose of cyanide. The Saudi inventor was looking at a way to “improve” on the RDIF technology. The patent was denied in Germany but the technology exists. With it if their “slave” or potentially a “terrorist” wandered off, it would inject a lethal dose of cyanide, thus eliminating the target.

This adds another layer of scary to an already scary bill. It is in the documentation that was signed off by the President. It has been predicted by NBC. It is on the FDA website. It is being tested as we speak. Please don’t just take our word for it, look at the documentation and see for yourself.

So should we be worried about the video below? With what is coming out and has been researched, anything is a possibility.


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