The truth behind Zeitgeist movies (MUST SEE!)



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  1. Ratings disabled hmm i wonder why..

  2. Pauls Tech says:

    Oh yes another MUST SEE video! its a bullshit attempt at trying to slate a 500 million strong movement .Nice try gobshite!

  3. At least you could have tried harder… really 

    Socrates said that you should prepare your whole life for a beautiful death, but he was a fag, and this is why you should never listen to Queen!

    Seriously, if this is the intellectual opposition to the Zeitgeist movement everything might work out all right…

    Also since I wasted a click on this video, I might as well do something constructive here, and recommend to people the following movies

    Earthlings (Now contrary  to this video, this is a must see) 

    We feed the world (especially the last scene where the CEO of Nestle is interviewed, and I especially like his arguments where he deems people who think, that water should be a basic human right(free of charge for everyone), radical) 
    And also the new show of Peter Joseph, Culture in Decline 

    Stay safe become a vegan, and don't waste your time on this video 😀


  4. Bug Stomper says:

    @nwoalerts;  You don't know what 'comunism' is, do you?  It means living in a commune.  I don't live in a FRIKing commune.  Do you???

  5. jay Dav says:

    This video was made by a retard

  6. Rating for this video is disabled. Because it sucks. Pathetic. Take this shit down.

  7. valhala56 says:

    Humanity is on it's way to extinction, so don't worry about Peter Joseph, People like you nwoalert will make sure we end the way of the dinosaur, extinct. I would have thumbs down like everybody else but you know everybody thinks your video is garbage. 

  8. Having the population of the planet decrease without killing or harming people isn't necessarily a bad idea. It doesn't even mean that people can't have children. Like Terence McKenna said, if every man and woman only had one child, the population of the planet could be halfed, without killing a single person.

  9. Making the background music all dark and ominous sounding isn't going to convince me either.

  10. MyITRcom says:

    Far from Communism, a better name would be intelligence and dealing with reality, no form of communism in the past could place the labor on robotics, A. I and other advanced system that can meet the objective needs of human bodies to live.

    The core issue that is yet to be addressed here is how can this current system continue when robotics and automation are replacing all of the jobs, benefiting an elite class only yet leaving customers without the funds to by products.

    Further more this system rewards only treating the symptoms, never curing or solving problems at their source, permanent solutions are shelved out of a duty to wall street profits. 

    This change is coming, either the easy way or the hard way, but it is coming. its upon us now.

  11. EvoSagan says:

    this video is bollocks, created by a paranoid fool, the like of which continually emerge on the internet. nobody gives a fuck about the zeitgeist movement or the movies. the only thing that matters is the reality of our future on the planet. if you cant see that yet you have not been paying attention

  12. Datun Center says:

    Very poor effort, take the video down its horseshit

  13. Robert Stan says:

    Garbage. I hope even the likes of you realize one day the failure of your thought system.
    Sadly, the world is full of brainwashed little tools like you who only know to label and black or white everything around them.

  14. Will Porter says:

    I'm curious, where are people drawing the line between simple medicine / technology and transhumanism?

    The former two things (med & tech) have been helping to extend the human lifespan since their emergence in human civilization, I don't understand the opposition to transhumanism in this context.

    Hypothetically, why WOULDN'T you want to extend the human lifespan indefinitely? Seems this could be the key to the colonization of space and interstellar space travel, no?

    I feel like "Truther" folks often present transhumanism as if it's mere utterance is enough to refute it. The most I usually hear is a sort of reverse "argument from authority" fallacy, wherein one states the proposition is INcorrect simply because a bad guy once supported it (Brzezinski in this video, for example).

    Interesting how people are so sensitive and fearful of the entire concept of death, whether that be a fear of death itself, or a fear of the prospect of indefinite life.

  15. Jon Vance says:

    this is made by a troll asshole you look at our declining infastructure is enough proof that these allogations r false against the movement.

  16. Wow, just wow! What people will do to convince others of their own BS agenda! This is a very manipulative video taking things out of context and making them sound like they are saying something very different than the sayer intended. The bottom line is that a resource-based economy would be a cooperative, collaborative society. Rather then a competition based ,for-profit society. This is the only way to manage our resources intelligently so all people not just a few people can enjoy a life of abundance. In this current "for profit" system , Nearly half the worlds population lives in poverty conditions! Not acceptable, changes must be made! We are not really even overpopulated today, there is enough for everyone. It is an inefficient system that does not allow us to house and feed everyone ! With collaboration and intelligent planning we can all have access to the "good life"! Don't let this manipulative BS video scare you! Research for yourself the #RBE concepts!

  17. dragonsigh2 says:

    I hope no one is dumb enough to watch such a cut and edited show with no content and some how believe zeitgeist wants to kill us all. One human race sharing one planet is not the same thing as enslaving everyone on the planet, which already has been done through the monetary system.

  18. PixelHero says:

    18 subscribers ….. how the fuck is that possible ?

  19. Bar Yehudai says:

    good video! its a bit more damning of venus than of zeitgeist. would appreciate english subtitles.

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