The Truth Project 2012



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  1. Ochibason says:

    Thought moveing. Good montage.

  2. Ochibason says:

    Ron Paul Ventura 2012!

  3. daimyo21 says:

    Most people won't watch this video because they are comfortable right now living in their dream world. Before I knew about Ron Paul I was just like them. Now it is my duty to spread the message. I donate monthly and challenge friends and family (politely and non-aggressively). Its hard to ignore my conscience when the message is so clear and true. Its not a matter of how, its a matter of when. Because mathematically a average person in debt cant spend more to get out of it.

  4. Help us make this viral!

  5. government can't do anything as efficiently as private forces can

  6. confortably numb……

  7. tuck295q says:

    What's the name of the first song?

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