The UFO Masquerade – Dr Karla Turner


The UFO Masquerade: Dr. Karla Turner discusses her most up-to-date findings relating to her investigation of covert abductions of human beings by alien beings and human military services staff.

Dr. Karla Turner died of most cancers on January ten, 1996, just a number of shorter months right after talking at this UFO convention and remaining threatened for her get the job done. She was just forty eight. Because then, many other people included in UFO investigation have also expert threats adopted by very strange cancers. Quite a few of her circumstances experiments are now dead. Like so many points in life, that could just be a coincidence of class.

Dr. Turner’s books are all out of print in addition,”Taken” and “Masquerade” are equally very pricey to attain on the utilized current market. They also happen to be two of the most vital books ever prepared on the UFO abduction phenomenon.

Underneath you can locate backlinks to locate out additional about every of her books and make a obtain if you want.

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Masquerade of Angels [Paperback] 1st version (December 1994) Affliction New – Out there from $199.ninety five (2 copies remaining) and many utilized copies from $149.ninety five at

If you would like to study her get the job done but locate it complicated to get a duplicate of her books in your selling price selection, you can nonetheless study them for Totally free by visiting the memorial internet site at


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  1. Mike Menkin says:

    I don't get Karla Turner. She says she is being abducted. I offered her a thought screen helmet for free to stop her abductions but she declined!

  2. all explained here hellenandchaos blog

  3. Sad to see Kandy. She was so passionate and concerned for others and angry about what was happening to people and herself. I had wondered about the wisdom of sending out a radio signal which, if I recall correctly, Hawking said was like a homing beacon. But as a psychologist, in the nineties I was concerned about the abductees who were so traumatized. I had a practice in Northern Arkansas, and there were a lot of abductions in the Arkansas area. With families, employers, and physicians (which includes psychologists) thinking the abductees were crazy, or at the best, attention seekers, abductees could get no help. The abductions usually occurred at night, and were recurring, so the targeted would be terrified to go to sleep. They would use drugs and alcohol to cope with the feelings of helplessness and their physiological and psychological deterioration would leave some literally shaking, disheveled and hopeless. Many lost their jobs and their families who could not identify with, or understand them. Angry at the refusal of people to consider
    something outside of a third dimensional reality, I volunteered to help.

    A friend, Dr. Kandy Turner, who wrote three books about herself, and her
    family's and other's experiences, and who led a group in Little Rock, was convinced that all extraterrestrials were evil. Karla told me she was on a hike on a mountain when she was bombarded with energy and she developed cancer not long after. She was sure that she was deliberately and radionically (probably) cancer induced. When she was dying, she asked me to take over her group. I lived over a two hour drive through the mountains and would fall asleep while driving. Had I been closer, I would have complied. I still feel badly that I didn't. She mentions Barbara Bartholic who was also a friend of mine and we would discuss what was happening. Barbara and her husband were in an auto accident and I believe it was planned. The sudden increased speed in cars is a way that targeted people are dispatched. Barbara outlived her husband, but not by long.
    I worked with hypnosis and helped abductees get past blockages to recall their memories, which rarely were spontaneous. We also had a public group which for a small mountain town, attracted many attendees and we published a newsletter. Some had no memory of abductions and some reported spheres nearby when we were working. The spheres reportedly blocked their recall. Usually, this could be worked around. Hearing horror stories, it was difficult for me to view ETs as beneficial, but I figured that some must be. Some abductees, under hypnosis, reported both greys and US military working together, so I knew that the US gov knew about abductions and sanctioned it. We now know there was an agreement that allowed abductions. The abductions were terrifying, brutal in the exams and emotionally disturbing. Women who had babies who were kept by the ETs and others who reported sudden loss of a fetus, with no recollection of when or where, were traumatized. I am very interested in breaking the control on this planet. Are we primarily controlled by ETs who control the Deep State? Are the ETs earth beings? Are they primarily Reptilian? Lots of questions. But I do not agree that all ETs are benevolent. And I don't buy that they didn't know the suffering they inflicted. I suspect there may be truth in manipulation for energy harvesting, or physical harvesting for their food. Lawrence Rockefeller? His name is interesting. In the latter part of the eighties, he mailed a booklet to every licensed psychologist and psychiatrist in the US. It was a study of abductees with a questionnaire that separated abductees from non-abductees. I had not taken UFOs seriously until I received that study. Why would Rockefeller mail this out? What was his motive? Who in their right minds trust Rockefellers? Greer's being with Hillary Clinton and Rockefeller makes makes me wonder. Rockefeller must have known more than Greer, why would Greer have to brief him? If HRC is a Draco..that could explain some things. And Podesta? Is child and human trafficking associated with the ETs? Many say it is. Lots of questions. I am so skeptical about everything and open to everything. We have had spacecraft since the fifties. It is time for the people to have the truth about science, space, etc. Look into the secret space project.

  4. The most brilliant researcher on abduction of all time. She was 20 years ahead on his time. If she was alive on youtube time; it will be awesome. Hpe she finds GOD at the end. GOD bless.

  5. kosnow11 says:

    All kosher except the "mil harassment" bullshit. She either lives near enough to a guard airport to be in the pattern somewhere or is in an "OK'd" rural area noise abatement deal for guard pilots to keep current; I'm on final for one here and that's what they do: over-and-over, around-and-around flying the flag-pole. It's nothing nefarious in any way – just annoying. Why would they fly fing 135's around with the specific purpose of harassing you? Do you realize how expensively ridiculous that is lol? Like the ancient aliens shit: YES – probably was some interaction with ET's or maybe ancient Earthers, but not EVERY spoon or rock or lizard turd is of alien origination. It's all this overdramatized shit that makes people like myself – genuinely interested in ufology – look like total fucking morons to the sheeple-folk, purely based on all the nonsensical "look-at-me!" garbage. Why would the government EVER divulge anything about anything to ANYONE when they can sit back and let an unstructured pseudo-scientific cheerleading squad spew this junk for FREE. But yeah, regardless, just guard pilots staying current and fucking off with some "uncoordinated" turns ha. If they were doing anything related to HER, she'd never know shit except for maybe jail-day."Dumb, dumb, dumb…" (S.Park).

  6. Greedy bastards. Those books were free downloads three or four years ago. I downloaded them myself. Shameful

  7. i think this Turner is just a fucking liar

  8. implants are morgellons

  9. when these people are taken., are their physical bodies actually removed from their homes or just their consciousness?

  10. Skinny Bob says:

    I think she's into something. I've never thought these UFO's were 'Alien', I think they've been here all along and are far more advanced than us. For, me, I often wonder if they are inter dimensional and are 'tampering' with us for their own research, but they are certainly not acting in our best interests – a point Dr Carla Turners makes very well. There is an old eastern fable called 'The Magicians Sheep' which describes this masquerade very well and that fable is thousands of years old. I think we are just beginning to wake up and Dr Turners research is groundbreaking.

  11. Stop believing the lies, they don't afford you anything.

  12. Dr. Karla Turner must have either little brain or lots of financial motivations. to get involved in choosing the ridicule to maltratate reality. WHO pays her for this s…t?

  13. ann prince says:

    There is a concept that most people use which is using one,s mind to think before speech or writing is aired This lady is precise,erudite. There is a lot more than meets the eye in this world. We are in a multi dimensional universe. Many reactions could be a fear that speakers on this subject are telling the truth. Spiritualist s are eclectic,they are interested in many esoteric subjects having read several books on ufo,s I stopped,it was getting too strong for me but still retain an interest . Did this lady "die"in unusual circumstances ,for she obviously had information which should not have disseminated. Or maybe natural causes. I will listen to more and form my own conclusions thanks for this video!

  14. It's weird, she's sexy still despite her age! That's pretty rare

  15. You can't handle the truth!!! aka most people in the comment section.

    When You Sell People Fantasies, They View Reality As A Ripoff
    …so truth gets ridiculed by people who've been sold fantasies their
    entire life, and accept that as truth.

    It's a puppet show you're watching in the mainstream media.
    Since day one you come into this
    world. Being told what is true and not. Not ever having a chance to
    think outside that box (or to think at all to begin with.)
    I'll use an Oscar Wilde quote here:
    'Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's
    opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.'
    That's BRAINWASHING. And people think they have an open mind that lives
    in that box. What a tragedy.

  16. love Dr. Turner! What a great speaker she was and had a wonderful sense of humor.

  17. Omar Groves says:

    that was quick, patriot act NSA no rules at work. the funny thing is that the cloning & project blue beam are phenomenons that are now common knowledge. infact the USA wanted to beam an image of JESUS or a CROSS over CUBA to distract the population while they do an invasion. that was in the seventies. If u dont know by the Fallen angles.demons are running the world & America. then nothing will convince u. matters not as long as u know what they are. then u are fine. The Bible says lean not on your own understanding, but in everything trust & acknowledge him & he will direct your path. That is because we are dealing with entities that are privy to the secrets of creation & have cognitive skills we as humans will never match, furthermore they have manipulated all info so our knowledge base is at times flawed. the good news is we dont need to match iQ to win this spiritual battle. They give us lies to propagate delude ourselves, to further their agenda & they taint the truth so that we don't believe it. However their is one truth that supersede all others & that is Jesus, & i know that them fearing his name & persecuting Christians is not (role-play) to maintain a lie. their hate & lies prove his testimony & that of his saints true. The deception is over, now is the era of truth

  18. J M says:

    Hey coughing people…feel free to walk out of the lecture.

  19. They are fallen angels liars like their leader  the father of all lies …I finally found that telling them in Jesus name you leave me alone it's a battle but if you can't speak say it in your mind over and over and they will leave you alone…

  20. MsVanorak says:

    I've got the scoop marks in my bedroom floor boards about 2ft away from my head.  One came last Summer and this Summer another fainter one has come a couple of inches next to it.  Worryingly though something has crunched some of the keys on my PC one night when I fell asleep watching – so that was even closer.  Lifelong weird events which have escalated to abductions that I can remember – not aliens!

  21. Rocky Latham says:

    I met Karla a year before she died and I agree with Karla's work as one who has been there & done that. The world lost a great light when they extinguished yours Karla. See you soon.

  22. Blaine says:

    batshit crazy

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