The Ultimate Men In Black Documentary


The Ultimate Men In Black Documentary. There have been reports of MIB’s for decades. What are they? Governement Agents? Something Else?


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  1. Nigel Perren says:

    I'd like to have some sex with Naomi Campbell, the I'd be a man in black!

  2. Personally, if these sort of beings/people even if it was a hoax came up to me, I don't care what anyone says, I'd be deeply disturbed.

  3. Jim Lahey says:

    the men in black are actually not human they are the watchers and are connected to the break off civilization inside the earth

  4. Trump 2016 says:

    Beats getting married.

  5. how do i get some exciting expirences like this? ive been looking.

  6. CM3.Redeye says:

    I don't know why I believe a few of these witnesses/'experiencers', esp the dude that works @ the hotel, but I do, & it's wierd.


  7. Spider Pope says:

    8:45. They are using Stan Romanek, a convicted pedophile as a source. They need to find better ones.

  8. Tyler N says:

    So the act of encountering UFO's or Aliens is promptly addressed and covered up, but the subsequent detailed dissemination of these cover ups by the victims via youtube is completely condoned? Interesting approach by the MIB.

  9. why did you add that background noise?

  10. It's probably just a PSYOP to discourage whistleblowers, and to scare them. This should not discourage anyone from coming forth with the truth, and exposing the lies.

  11. Kevinvansea says:

    Looks like white men to me. If you go into Chicago maybe you can find more evidence of men in black.

  12. The ominous background music pairs well with the video, but it sort of over powers some of the quieter speech parts imo, like the man talking at 10-12 minute mark.

  13. b0ilerboy says:

    What kind of cars were they driving because i could tell twhat type of vehicle they were driving, most cars have a brand name on them like Ford or Chevy?

  14. thybigballs says:

    Wtf with the bullshit "music"? Is it supposed to make this nonsense suspenseful or something? Nobody wants to listen to the same noise for 59 minutes! Is this not obvious to you?

  15. ffs why do I even try……screw it bak to chaturbate. if I'm gonna waste my time staring at a stupid shit online might as well be women playen with themselves hahaha

  16. Fatalsprigs says:

    Who ever edited this sucks at audio, one clip is too loud the next barely audible at full volume and others the music over takes the talking.

  17. I've never been abducted, what the f is wrong with me, am I not f…cking not pretty enough!

  18. Steven G says:

    Wonder how long it took to find this very annoying music. Watched a couple minutes and had enough.

  19. Got as far as 14 minutes and couldn't stand that idiotic background rumble any longer.

  20. mirko benini says:

    If i believe of all videos on YouTube the earth si à very strange place , like a film of Spielberg

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