The Ultimate Question Of The Pickup Illuminati – “Bigger Game” Of Sex & Dating Unveiled


Tyler of ( reveals the key question the elite ask themselves to build an incredible 1% life.


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  1. Sandeep Lal says:

    I'd put this up there in your top 3 videos. Well played Sir. The execution was flawless.

  2. newage58 says:

    Amazing, thanks so much Tyler!

  3. John M says:

    I didn't know Harry from Harry and the Hendersons was a PUA! That scarf with that jacket? nope

  4. I feel like sometimes a relationship will have moments of codependence/poison-dripping, independence, and interdependence. I know I've experienced moments with my gf where either she or I felt or seemed to feel insecure or sad or left out when the other was going out or having fun. However, there have also been times when don't worry what she's doing or when she's just happy for me to be enjoying myself and the love that's there overcomes the insecurities. Maybe the stages are what happens most in general in the relationship. The independent/interdependent moments feel a hell of a lot better than codependence for sure. I want to work on these higher relationship paradigms and coming from a more abundant, "what else" frame, but I wonder if there is a way to do it within a relationship rather than iterations with different relationships.

  5. I finally get what you mean by you are learning more than the student you teach to because by you teaching awakening to others you are stopping yourself from falling asleep yourself

  6. Thank you for everything

  7. alot of females beat men too owen

  8. There was one point the "voice" seeped in it literally told me what to say like a program but better, goddamn what a good night.

  9. After that and going in t he zone alot, my game+weird energy shit has leveled up. Also I recommend The Rise of Superman for anyone interested in Flow, or Flow Genome Project

  10. Goob Gobern says:

    When im rich one day, im gonna go back and buy every single one of RSD's programs as a thank you for all the free content that they have given us. Thanks Owen

  11. BRILLIANT!!! I never even gave consideration to the fact that I could change how I am with people. Since watching RSD videos, I have been inspired! Thank you and all of your associates!

  12. NerdSweeper says:

    I fucking love you and everything you do (okay maybe not everything ;D)

    This is probably played out as fuck, which is why I'm mentioning it, how many times a night when you wear that jacket do people mention "kill bill"? And how often do you actualy want to kill those people /s

  13. cool jacket Tyler, love the vids. wouldnt mind attending a rsdfreetour…

  14. 15:20 I'll leave it to the YouTube comments to finish that one. Made me laugh, thanks Tyler

  15. ottoclark says:

    Truly amazing stuff! Longtime fan.

  16. congrats of surpassing 100 000 subscribers :)

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