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The United Nations is funded by contributions by its users. The greatest contributor toward the UN finances is the United States even though other important contributors involve Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Canada all who are users of the UN. The united nations has been associated in many actions that enable the citizens of member countries that are confronted with will need, these actions require peace maintaining missions, providing of foods and beverages to refugees of war and starving citizens as a consequence of famine, the promotion of economic growth and the advancement of their living expectations of citizens of member countries.

This paper discusses the many favourable and adverse sides of the United Nations, the favourable are normal and the adverse critics are from many countries that have expert failure by the United Nations, lastly the conclusion summarises the major points and also states no matter if the United Nations is a failure or a achievement.

Achievements of the United Nations:

Peace maintaining:

The United Nations is associated in peace maintaining missions whereby it sends personnel to parts where conflict exists in an intention to enforce peace in these areas. Since the United Nations has no armed service guys the member countries voluntarily deliver them for a peace maintaining mission. Some of these parts where the UN has succeeded in peace maintaining involve peace maintaining mission in Congo, Korea and numerous other areas. Therefore for their attempts in peace maintaining the United Nations can be noticed to have succeeded in these location and promotion of peace among member countries.

International security

The united nations have also fought for disarmament of nations who may have nuclear weapons, they also struggle for the ban of nuclear check by nations, and as a consequence of these attempts the UN promotes worldwide security.

Human rights:

As a consequence of the planet war two genocide the formation of this organisation led to the pursue of human rights, the organisation as a result fights for human rights and this is obvious from missions aimed at furnishing foods and beverages to war refugees and also nations confronted with famine. They do this these on humanitarian grounds and they have succeeded in around 24 countries considering the fact that its formation.

Promotion of economic growth and living expectations

The United Nations has actively been associated in promotion of economic growth and boosting living expectations, this is actively noticed in the 1996 oil for foods strategy which authorized the oil prosperous countries to trade oil and in change get foods, medication and other products and solutions from member countries, this labored in Iraq which is an oil prosperous state and in change it gained foods and medication from the other countries in return.

Other organisations ruled by the United Nations:

The united nations also governs bodies that have recognized practical programmes to needy nations, these organisation involve WHO, UNESCO, FOA, UNIDO, WIPO among other, all these organisations have their individual goal and intention at furnishing enable to needy people today from member countries.

Failure by the United Nations:

The united nations have been as a failure in numerous parts, it is blamed for case in point to have unsuccessful to halt the 1998 Rwanda genocide which as a consequence noticed the killing of roughly one million people today, the motive why they are blamed for this is due to the fact the security council unsuccessful to approve armed service actions in Rwanda peace maintaining.

The United Nations is also blamed for failing to give and produce foods to starving individuals in Somalia in the 12 months 1993, the UN troops unsuccessful to give foods to starving individuals in the state and in its place the foods was seized by war lords.

In Palestine there exist a photograph that reveals how a UN ambulance carrying armed Palestinian forces in the 12 months 1994, a further problem is that there exist complains that the UN armed service guys consequence to sexual abuse and these problems are obvious in Congo, Haiti and Sudan.

The United Nations has been as a failure by the producing countries in that it unsuccessful to halt the united states from going into war in Iraq, the united nations pleaded with the united states but their attempts unsuccessful, numerous producing countries see this as consequence of the united states as the important contributor to the funding of the united nations.

For the over motive the UN has unsuccessful to formulate legal guidelines that are adopted by countries, they must enforce these legal guidelines and ought to adopt sanctions to countries that defy these legal guidelines they set, it has to have ability around its member countries and non of the countries ought to defy the legal guidelines set. An case in point is when Iraq defied numerous legal guidelines in the previous that were being set by the United Nations to halt nuclear weapons and the check of these weapons and Iraq defied the organisation.

In 1998 the United Nations is also blamed for failing to intervene in the next war in Congo when they unsuccessful to correctly halt the war and also the provision of humanitarian support, as a consequence of these virtually 5 million people today in Congo perished as a consequence.

In Srebrenica in the 12 months 1995 the United Nations is also mentioned to have unsuccessful when they unsuccessful to authorise the use of power, Srebrenica was termed as a safe location but the Dutch peace keepers were being authorised not to use forces.

The UN is also mentioned to have unsuccessful to carry out their policies in the disarmament of Lebanese armed service teams, these teams involve Hezbollah and Fatah, their failure to carry out their policy and react to their obligations has led to the people today free their hope and expectations about the united nations.

In iraq the united nation is mentioned to have unsuccessful in the oil for foods system that was meant to deliver humanitarian support to citizens of iraq, in its place of aiding the needy oil was smuggled by dictators in the state, this was accomplished in the presence of the united nations, the UN was meant to control this system but they unsuccessful and these led to the decline of funds to dictators of the state at the time which led them to become a lot more effective and this led to war in later on years.

In Southern Morocco the UN was sent in 1991 to deliver security for the formation of a referendum that associated the voting by citizens in the area just after a team of people today referred to as the Polisario brought war in south morocco, the UN was meant to deliver security, supervise voting in the area, certify results of the voting process and lastly oversee the disarmament of the shedding facet, from the 12 months 1991 the UN has been unable to execute this and this is one failure to the united nations as a consequence of this failure to bring peace into morocco.


The united nations has helped in the upkeep of peace in the nations confronted with conflicts, in spite of the many complications and critics confronted by the organisations it is far better to still have the organisation than not to have, the motive getting they have succeeded in many missions aimed at furnishing enable to needy teams. They have participated in peace maintaining, provision of foods and beverages to starving citizens who are confronted by war or famine.

The United Nations as a result cannot be noticed as a failure in spite of many critics, there is will need to assist this organisation and enable strengthen it in get for it to be in a posture to operate correctly and proficiently. Having said that there is will need to make adjustments to determination making whereby the organisation ought to in no way stand again to parts that are impacted by war or famine, they ought to react promptly to stay clear of death and genocides that have resulted in the previous.


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