The US Military Had a Terrifying World War 3 Plan to Annihilate Russia and China


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—-SR-71Supersonic Blackbird With Terrible Technology (Nightmare TO Russian)

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24 Responses

  1. This is information warfare. Say Hello.

  2. nuke them for good freedom china and russia

  3. Peace is the solution for all problem. Why kill so many innocent people I don’t understand sick head want to kill innocent people. Go for Peace

  4. now America would use THOR!

  5. Audio sucked sooo bad I couldn't watch more than thirty seconds of this; the hell with the video, I'll interest myself with the comments!!

  6. Rodney Jones says:

    That sucked. I wasted my time watching this crap whilst i was busting to do a shit.

  7. OneWorld says:

    watch this video Iran 2017 army !! Powerful

  8. One way or another the powers that be will reduce the population of the earth by 1/3 before 2050.Read the UN's agenda 21. My guess will be a manmade viral pandemic.The spanish flu killed how many people? 500 million yea let that sink in for a minute.Vaccinate the "important" people then let loose a killer flu bug worldwide.It will happen!

  9. When USA talked about it nuclear, people are scare. Fear the USA hater!

  10. only in case they would attack the free religious world – the 6th. Trumpet would be the following for them! – but as they want!  Shakespeare!   A.B.C. – weapons are the most horrible threat of the time – for a monsterous Apokalypse!

  11. A_Fighter says:

    Why the fuck would you want to destroy Russia and China? Russian women are gorgeous and beautiful. Fuck off, no more war.

  12. WHY are US military(who are they?) bends ON WAR with RUSSIA and CHINA ?
    Are THEY with SOROS'NWO + Islamic Obama- SAUDI ARABIA + IRAN to put down Pres. Donald J Trump and the CITIZENS of USA ???
    WE beg an answer.

  13. J CH says:

    Nato is NWO army of bankers. PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP! Ex U.S Soldiers SPEAK OUT AND EXPOSE THE BANKERS AND NEW WORLD ORDER .The only Winner after 3rd world war is Jesus Christ who comes back in spirit to rule on Earth for 1000 Years !!!! Wars explained here, it's about Killing people & Stealing countries wealth of middle east and now Ukraine, Poland and Eastern Europe by One world group; see this – he's from This army is a Trojan horse!!! NWO army, not Nato!!!. Putin is against NWO!! Sorce of Evil- –

  14. Angel Ortiz says:

    Why would we want war?

  15. thet lost the war against vietnam , and they want to make war against russia??

  16. boy would the americans get a surprise today if they do this , they cant even stop the S300 , never mind the biggest of russia ………

  17. sunday says:

    hope it happen

  18. ThazzThazz says:

    mmm maybe U.S can destroy china and russia. but i think U.S could get good hits on some cities too.

  19. WMD says:

    Well now with Russias dead man hand , cant do this now….bring our troops home and stay out of intangments……

  20. Bill Quillin says:

    I don't understand your obvious errors in this report. Nor do I understand its purpose.
    Explain yourself.

  21. Ed Debevic says:

    Why are there so many Idiots that want to kill so many people, I will never understand all this destruction…we have way to many evil people on earth!

  22. mrwong11989 says:

    If I was president then I would do whatever it takes to stop world war 3 by ordering the troops to all come home and let those other nations solve their own problems on their own

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