The Vicar of Dibley – 101 – Arrival (Part 6)


Part 6.


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  1. UnoAcoustic says:

    00:52, on the road going across the screen, in the middle… a car goes past… BACKWARDS XD

  2. Jim is a pwnsome singer!

  3. Awesome, good, defeating of all, etc. It's a gamer term.

  4. UnoAcoustic says:

    I was watching it on TV, it's more obvious there XD

  5. stigler30 says:

    Christians celebrating the solstice?

  6. @UnoAcoustic fuckin hell well spotted !!!

  7. Jessica Shaw says:

    @UnoAcoustic Lol, my god I had to watch that like 50 times to see it haha

  8. Jumbybird says:

    I"m an atheist and this is one of my favorite shows of all time… funny is funny

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