The Video Monsanto Does Not Want You To See


The Video Monsanto Does Not Want You To See


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  1. gary says:

    I am not able to eat any GMO / super gluten wheat. It causes massive stomach pressures and endless farting. It’s so bad, that I don’t buy anything from the stores that has any wheat it in at all. I’ve switched over to CCOF and Non GMO org verified foods. Switched over to Rice and Potatoes as main starch. Converted over to organic veges. And the stomach pressures and farting have disappeared. I can also say that I hear the massive farting in the restrooms whereas 30 years ago, you might hear a squeaker. So it appears that younger folks have the same issue but don’t know what’s normal.
    So far I have not experienced a problem with Corn (as most of that is GMO) and I don’t eat soy products after my son became allergic to the soy milk products.
    I’m working with local farmers (Indian Res Folks) to get non GMO Corn to grown on my 2 acres. Will also convert over to grass feed livestock meat and organic milk. Just keep doing a little every week.

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