The Vikings Documentary on the Life National Geographic HD 2


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  1. VJ Blues says:


  2. tridon asni says:

    ugly hairy bruts, she said.´╗┐

  3. Grand Champ says:

    I'm still royally surprised at why in 2014, 2015 and 2016 people still upload in 360 and worse… There's no excuse for this.´╗┐

  4. Cory Jordan says:

    Absolutely AWESOME documentary. This doc is about THE VIKINGS IN ENGLAND/IRELAND (which is a big part of Viking history), the historical record, archaeological record, Norwegian, Dane and Swedish bloodlines continued in England. A very thorough study utilizing genomics and other technologies by which to determine how much, if any, genetics carry on strongly (or not) in portions of what is now the U.K. . If you're a history geek like me who's interested in all things 'Viking', you'll enjoy it despite the low resolution.´╗┐

  5. When will we call it the English Holocaust and demand reparations? What the Norwegians did to the Northumbrians is genocide for their land and wealth. No wonder the English became so brutal.´╗┐

  6. 2:14:14 through 2:14:40 I got an idea? Scottish and Irish both hated the English right?┬áEngland was a dick to┬áit neighbors always, all times and that's┬á┬ápretty much┬áthat, right? I mean,┬áuntil now… maybe even still now, Im not an expert.. Now what if,┬ájust what if, the areas known as Scandinavia got in on the action where the Irish and mainly the Scottish could not┬ácause they where too close. They┬ákicked fucking ass and jack shit from the universal oppressor… Imagine, England is the new Rome, it picks on every one else and thinks its better┬áthen every one else and just like Rome it has internal power struggles going on and corruption.. eww sounds like my┬áAmerica lol, ok back on point. Then after the Vikings fucked up the English like┬áthe English┬áfucked up every oneelse but the Vikings where more blunt proving a point to the English about bullying. Then the Vikings┬á go back to Dublin, maybe pay the locals that helped them with supply's and a place to rest on the way,┬áTRADE, some mixing and settling down while most would head home. After a while Im sure the Vikings figured out "hey we can┬ádo more then smash grab and run, we can snatch this place┬áand run the show! "┬áIt just seems odd to me to┬árob the English, be brutal and even enjoy the slaughter┬ábut then at the same freaking time peacefully trade and race mix with the Irish and Scottish? unless they too where like every one else and hated the English… just saying.. Check this out, Troy and Greece knew one another and had dealings with before the Trojan war right… Well what if at┬ásay rough guestamation, 400ad through 1100ad┬á their┬áwhite little world was the British isles Scandinavia western Russia and northern France and Germany?┬á┬ámy point is when ever their is a Top predator country,┬ástate, group or flippin gang the branch out in a circle or half circle basically every time if they can. Look at what the Mongols Rome Persians white settlers in America, every one, if they can go north south east and west.┬áThese days we aren't limited to boats horses and our footsies so its a bit different now but before you always branched out┬áin a circle or half circle pattern like ripples.. ┬áThat being said, I bet English sailed to Scandinavia before the first recording Viking attacks and vise versa by at least 100 years.. ┬áI think the Vikings new very well who the English where and didn't like them very much, just like anyone else in that area in that time period, fucking der? Why hasn't anyone played this angle before? Its only obvious, ┬áIm willing to bet in Scandinavia if they looked hard enough they find English type shit that wasn't plunder but from English Irish Scottish ┬ápeasant that immigrated telling stories of the evil English kings and lords and shit.┬á I think in that time period the German French English Irish polish Russians Scandinavians, basically anyone near the┬á┬áBaltic and North seas all knew of one another for the most part and all new England sucked, like the modern-day American government and pigs┬áthe Crips Bloods and everyone else hates you but doesn't have the power to take you… in the case of the Vikings it turned out they did have the power. This theory of mine also fits why the Vikings where raiders of England and France but traders in Dublin Moscow┬áand Constanta noble… I think the Vikings had allies and enemies so they raided┬áthe enemies and traded with allies.┬áThink┬áabout this one final note, raiding silver and gold does nothing but make you look shiny if you don't have a place spend it. A $100,000 will do nothing for me lost at sea, I have to be at a place where I can spend it.┬á To sum up these drunken ramblings I think the Vikings weren't just out robbing anyone they run into cause they could. They robbed " THE MAN" and left the minimum wage guys be, like John Dillinger robbing banks not mom and pops store. I think that's why the English wrote about the Vikings as if they where dirty alkita Taliban Isis terrorist boogie man fucks..´╗┐

  7. Russ Bolin says:

    the old blk+wht tvs in the 60s had better clairity than this´╗┐

  8. Alahu Akbah´╗┐

  9. Thanks so much for this incredible upload. I Can't remember when I enjoyed a documentary as much as this one. BBC docu's top national geographic and history channel docu's every single time! Nevermind all the childish nonsense that is being posted!. Thank you´╗┐

  10. Mikal Bell says:

    I'm curious how they expect to distinguish the DNA┬áof earlier Norse settlers from the Norman conquerors┬áof 1066.´╗┐

  11. Mikal Bell says:

    Wasn't Harold Godwinson half Norse as well?´╗┐

  12. The Vikings did more then raid. They made colony as far east as Canada on NS island and also Iceland island.´╗┐

  13. gristam s says:

    i wonder how iva the boneless got his name´╗┐

  14. James Hunt says:

    Historians seem to forget the what the word viking really meant, they also seem to forget the other vikings from across the sea like the Kurs and Oesellians. The Kursi fought along side the Danes against Sweden many times. And while the the whole world was affraid of the Vikings(Sea Pirates), the Vikings were afraid of the Kurs.´╗┐

  15. I have the Viking desease of the hand they talked about.I am proud of my Native and Viking blood.´╗┐

  16. mike frog Fook get a life´╗┐

  17. Brits, Yankees and ruskies will never be vikings. Stop trying to steal our blood and culture just because we pillaged your country.´╗┐

  18. they say attacks but not an earthquake…interesting…´╗┐

  19. Aurora236 says:

    you'll all crumble when Satan tests you!! What did you think the test was going to be God asking you questions´╗┐

  20. Where do they get off referring to the Irish as Britons? These people are historians and they know better than this. When you are well educated in your field you don't make statements like that unless you have an agenda. More of the same from the BBC.´╗┐

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