The Wake Up Project: The Arrivals – PART 25



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  1. Hitashi son says:

    @algeria992 So what do a Muslim has to do to Get into the kingdom of heaven ? Simple question, stop ignoring the question please 🙂

  2. Hitashi son says:

    @algeria992 We both Know we are right. But only one of us is right and we both know that. I know you know your right, and hopefully you are also aware that i know i am right.

    You cant convince me otherwise, and i cant convince you otherwise. I also know this. But Your Argument about how many celebrities turned Muslim is laughable are they Noteworthy people you think are any better and will choose the right religion ? just because they are famous what a joke.

  3. algeria992 says:

    @mukkohaha okay then what question do u have regarding islam and i will answer,the quran hasnt been changed since the type of the prophets,

  4. Hitashi son says:

    @algeria992 The reason behind i choose to believe in God and his son Jesus Christ is because i am a sinner. I cannot stop sinning, i also see how everybody else shares the same problem, None of us is worthy and sin free to enter the kingdom of heaven.

    Then it came to me Through the bible that Jesus had sacrificed himself taking all human sins with him and defeated all evil and sin. This is the only way i can enter the heaven of kingdom, i'm a sinner i cannot change.

  5. algeria992 says:

    @mukkohaha and actually how are hey laughable for eg malcomx after islam look how he changed,thats not laughable

  6. Hitashi son says:

    @algeria992 If your Right and Mohammed is the Truth, Then i have no chance. This is a fact, So if your religion is the truth, it would be a waste of my time' since i'm a sinful man who cannot change his ways. i were a sinner from the day i came into the world. Like everyone else. Doing good deeds don't wash away the sin, so That argument is also a waste of time. The only chance is Jesus, i'm betting my money their. He will wash away my sins.

  7. Hitashi son says:

    @algeria992 Are you in Denial ? How can you make yourself worthy of his kingdom ?

    " living a sin free life doing good " " and if a commit a sin, ill just do a good deed so it equalize " WARNING DENIAL DENIAL DENIAL

  8. algeria992 says:

    @mukkohaha wat??????, wat r u refering too and wat denial

  9. algeria992 says:

    @mukkohaha mate do u even know anything about islam,we also beliecve in jesus(saw) but not as a son of god

  10. algeria992 says:

    @mukkohaha ok i'll answer and i wasnt ignoring i didnt see ure question sorry, ok to get to heaven as a muslim must believe in all the prophet of god jesus as a prophet,abraham,etc and believe that there is only one god but god and prophet Muhammad is the messenger of god, every muslim,u have to love your neighbors,u have to give charaty,no alcohol,drugs as it harms ure bodies, do good deeds etc. but eventually every muslim will enter the kingdom of paradise as god is meerciful

  11. algeria992 says:

    @mukkohaha did u get my comment?

  12. algeria992 says:

    @mukkohaha anyway i've had enough i dont like talking about religion and politics because i dont know much about it, if u want to know about anything search it up on The World Wide Web,there is everything u need to know there

  13. aaronharun says:

    god forgivess the sincere who tries there best to overcome temptation and follow the straight path/ ofcourse ur gona sin thats the nature of man and god created us that way— this is what makes humans the best of creatures and also the worst/ sin is there so we can learn from it/

  14. If god is not a human how can he have a son? Do you really think by having so many sins that it will get you to heaven? Use common sense. Dont think you can go around killing people for example and then you will be forgiven and god will still give you paradise. It doesnt work like that and the bible should not be changed!!!!! I mean you cant keep changing the bible into a modern world. It should be like god intended it to be.

  15. Hitashi son says:

    Yeah that is why Islam is the fastest growing religion, since.

    Broad is the way that leads to destruction, but narrow is the path that leads to salvation, it says so in the bible, but what do i know … ^^

    yeah you go by that Big and broad way, where many go by, something good should be their on the other side. SARCASM ALERT !

  16. Hitashi son says:

    you say the bible should not be changed, Well muslim' do you know who changed the bible a 1000 years, ago ? The bible is 5 times as old as the Quran, and indeed muhammad did change the bible, into something completely different.

    and here you are, saying that the bible should not be changed, is this a joke ?

  17. Saforoth says:

    how can jesus die clears your sins when you did not have sins to begin with? first of all if ur saying jesus is son of god why would god sacrifice his only son for the rest of you all? wouldn't he rather sacrifice people other than his son? and btw do you know how many times muhammad has been mentioned in quran? around 5? and jesus is mentioned hundreds of times…and YOU a christian saying "forget about muhammad" when in islam and in QURAN allah mentions jesus…wake up please

  18. Hitashi son says:

    No sacrificing a person would not help anything, since all are sinners' sacrificing a sinner is worthless, Their needed to be a sin free perfect sacrifice.

    This is again the christian belief. Not trying to force it upon you' but merely walk you through the " logic " of it 🙂 since you're questions were valid and needed an answer.

    but again that's why God sacrificed his own son, Jesus was Resurrected, so he didn't lose his son in any way. This was the only way

  19. Saforoth says:

    Ok that was an answer, but wouldn't you think god is the most perfect and most powerful right? we all know that he created everything…ok now…wouldn't he forgive everyone without dropping a blood? i don't want a god who doesn't forgive unless a sacrifice…i want a god who forgives even if i have mountain of sins wouldn't you want the same god?

  20. Saforoth says:

    can you guess a verse in quran about sins?:D
    "O'people if you love Allah then follow the messenger of Allah and Allah will love you and he will forgive your sins" 🙂 no blood shedding right? <3…i will not also force it on, my job here is done i showed you and its your choice deny it or think about it and your always welcome <3

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