The Wake Up Project: The Arrivals – PART 30



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  1. Hawrah Gold says:

    I can't stop watching!! thanx for the upload 🙂

  2. gregorio0321 says:

    so evolustion r demon possess people that cant tell history right either. they keep changing it. soooo confusing.

  3. @gregorio0321 Look what u need to take away from this is the devils job is to deceive you. That is why religion is not practiced in public schools who are funded by governments. Also spirits/Jinn are extra dimensional beings but in 2012, there will be a negative energy released tht will make them appear to us, but they will claim to be aliens like this vid says. The wise will know they are jinn/demons while the 85% will use their powers and eventually fall to satan.

  4. EduardoB93 says:

    @mrLakkiss ''robuste'' haha

  5. OmiD A says:

    Long live Islam, Christianity and Judaism … Death to Zionism and CIA and the British monarchy….

  6. thesashworth says:

    Do you know where the saying allah u aakbar comes from? – it was said by the pagan sabians (before islam) it means allah is greater than the other idols (pagan idols at mecca). Islam is a deception. Only through lord Jesus our 1 true saviour can we achieve eternal salvation in heaven. mohammd himself tells you by following him you will go to hell (his words – that ALL MUSLIMS GO TO HELL).

  7. BigBoss2017 says:

    lol do you even know what Allah means? it means the one and only God…. every christian in the mid east reffers to god as Allah..
    How do you think Jesus called God, by saying ''God''? In every hebrew/arabic language it's ALLAH

  8. BigBoss2017 says:

    Jesus (pbuh) said himself in the Old Testement that after him a great Prophet will come to fullfill his message and his name will be Muhammad, just look it up it's right there in the Old Testement!

  9. thesashworth says:

    Bigboss I have spent many hours studying this – yet there is no evidence for this, It categorically does not state that there will be aanother prophet. On the contrary it states in Galatians that if anyone ads to this book that god will add to him the plagues desscribed in this book (Bible).

  10. this is stupid! fukin world wasnt made in a day! CLOWNS ! this is propaganda to push muslim teachings!

  11. ali safi says:

    could anybdy tell me wer exactly it is mentioned tat cross dimensional communication is forbidden…please a lil urgent and the exact location of it as in the reference please stick to the quráan and hadees….thank you

  12. dch047 says:

    this documentary changed my life. i have always believed in God and Jesus, but i never knew how deep the deception of satan has gone. "Simon, Simon, listen! satan has recieved permission to test all of you, to seperate the good from the bad, as a farmer seperates the wheat from the chaff". Matthew 25: 31-46. The NWO plans are moving ahead, and soooo many people are completely unaware. i need to start testifying about Jesus Christ more. If people dont accept, that is their decision. sadly.

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