The War Against Iraq And Afghanistan

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no extra poison factories, no extra executions of dissidents, no extra torture chambers and rape rooms.” (Geldof, 2008) The latter terms have been assurances from US president George W. Bush in the course of his renowned March-2003 speech. At that time, he was justifying his good reasons for declaring war on Iraq. President’s Bush primary good reasons for attacking Iraq and Afghanistan might be summarized as follows to stamp out terrorism in the entire world, to safeguard the US and the relaxation of the entire world by capturing weapons of mass destruction and to safeguard Iraq and Afghan citizens from abusive governments this kind of as Saddam Hussein’s regime. Nonetheless, Bush has unsuccessful to obtain any of the previously mentioned objectives. 1st, Afghanistan and Iraq’s political programs have been destroyed soon after US’s military intervention. Second, the US in no way discovered the so-named weapons of mass destruction and and lastly, terrorist pursuits have not been removed.

Why the war on Iraq and Afghanistan is an complete failure

US plan on Afghanistan was mainly shaped by the September eleven bombings. The assaults shook up the Bush administration simply because their adversaries have been able to penetrate a person of the most delicate and very well-guarded structures in the land. (Knickmeyer, 2006) Consequently, the Bush administration manufactured drastic adjustments in its international plan. They firmly considered that the Alqaeda terrorist team prompted the assaults. (Knickmeyer, 2006)At that time, the Taliban governed Afghanistan and have been joined to Alqaeda. The US governing administration singled out Osama bin Laden as the mastermind at the rear of the bombings and as a outcome of this, the US governing administration pressured Afghanistan to release Osama or else they would declare war against them. (Knickmeyer, 2006)All these pursuits have been still part of their initiatives to beat terrorism. Although the intentions of the US governing administration might have been noble, they went about it in the wrong way. 1st of all, the US did not give any sort of proof about the allegations they manufactured against Osama Bin Laden. Instead, they opted to impose directives on the Afghan governing administration. Even when other global parties, this kind of as the UN, Spain and German governments requested for proof to substantiate their promises, the US did not oblige. (Knickmeyer, 2006)On top of that, there have been several prisoners arrested by the US governing administration soon after allegedly participating in terrorist pursuits nevertheless there was no stable proof to reveal that people people have been in reality terrorists. (Knickmeyer, 2006)

The US also invaded Iraq in buy to battle illegal governing administration regimes this kind of as Saddam Hussein’s governing administration. Some individuals claim that this was the only objective that Bush managed to obtain simply because Saddam was caught, tried using and hanged. Nonetheless, this claim is not essentially legitimate. (Sabrina, 2005) If the Bush administration have been sincere about shielding the legal rights of the Iraqi individuals against an abusive governing administration, then they would have restored peace in the country. Iraqi people’ lives ought to have improved greatly soon after Saddam Hussein’s capture and dying. Nonetheless, the opposite scenario has occurred. Several individuals in Iraq considered that their lives have been bearable beneath Saddam, but are virtually non-existent beneath the US led war. The US army has unsuccessful to restore peace in Iraq and its individuals have turn into victims of human legal rights abuses. Right away soon after the US governing administration attacked Iraq’s funds, Saddam was overthrown and this prompted a electricity struggle. (Sabrina, 2005)Consequently, the US led invasion agitated the Iraqi individuals even more and resulted in a collection of resurgences. The US army was also hypocritical about shielding human legal rights. For occasion, they have been accused of capturing hundreds of prisoners at the infamous Guntanamo Bay. (Sabrina, 2005)The US governing administration denied them a appropriate to good trail asserting that there have been harmful to modern society.   Besides this, there have been complications with the way members of the US army address Iraqi prisoners. The entire world has noticed some disturbing pics about the war. Some US army adult men and ladies have address though prisoners in an inhuman fashion by torturing or abusing them. (Sabrina, 2005)

The most embarrassing and unsuccessful objective amongst all the other individuals was confiscation of weapons of mass destruction. The Bush administration considered that the Iraqi governing administration was making ready a huge weapons application. (Steele, 2006) The US secretary of State experienced set out these assertions in the course of his conference with the UN in 2003. At that time, he gave ‘evidence’ about the existence of nuclear courses by citing aluminum tubes in the country. (Steele, 2006)They also claimed that the Iraqi governing administration was performing on anthrax as a biological weapon of mass destruction. Via these assertions, he managed to convince the UN to carry out weapons’ inspection in Iraq. Nonetheless, very little was discovered. (Steele, 2006)The aluminum tubes could not be applied for a nuclear application as they have been inappropriate. Besides this, the few crops discovered there have been outdated and did not pose a danger to humanity. (Steele, 2006)


The war in Afghanistan and Iraq was a slip-up on the part of the US governing administration. Their objectives for attacking these latter countries have been unfounded simply because they did not give proof to support their promises. Besides this, the war has only worsened the humanitarian crises in these respective countries. (Murphy, 2006) Consequently, Iraq and Afghanistan would have been far better off if the US governing administration experienced in no way intervened militarily. A far better approach would be by means of diplomatic avenues.  In reality, the US has created opposite sentiments as stated by AlQaeda leader al Rahman he said ‘The most significant factor is that the jihad continues with steadfastness … in fact, prolonging the war is in our interest’ (Murphy, 2006)


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