THE WAVE ALIEN INVASION 2016 UFO NASA confirms Extraterrestrial life DOES exist ! ILLUMINATI DEMONS!


Sun ☽ – Moon 1.Mercurius (☿) 2.Venus (♀) 3 EARTH Terra / Terra) (♁), 4.Mars (♂), 5.Jupiter (♃), 6.Saturnus (♄), 7.Uranus ♅ 8.Neptunus (♆), ⚨ pluto 9. planet 9 …


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  1. Alex Silver says:

    4:02 oh man,i cant believe that man stole my words,that is exactly what i am saying when someone asks me why they didnt made contact with us

  2. Mike Swapp says:

    As smart as this guy is and he says Columbus discovered America? That shows you that he is a talking head spewing the company line. Why are they still trying to cram fake history down our throats?-control.

  3. A person must be very narrow minded if they think where the only ones in the universe but on the alien invasion issue it wont happen lol I think there protecting the planet, probably not the people but earth from asteroids and solar flares and possibly other life forms.

  4. Erinn Wright says:

    why's it always that the arrogant scoffer is NEVER armed with ANY TYPE if refuting evidence, whenever evidence completely coinciding with the reality of this is presented?
    THEN they say "where's proof"—even though the ball would CLEARLY IN THEIR COURT?
    FOH with the feigned ignorance to the obvious fact that WE ARE NOT ALONE in this realm. Only a straight up doof believes what's being told to them by a government that's NOTORIOUS for being trite, lying, backstabby bullies.
    grow df up.
    its not that much of a stretch.

  5. Aliens wouldn't invade us with a 10-light year pole

  6. WE ARE NEVER ALONE IN THIS UNIVERSE!, accounts of angles and demons stretch as far back a before humanity as well as God, we are most contently not alone. No one knows the vast universe better the the creator so we are just one grain of dust in the vast univerce.

  7. RENE says:

    cant you people see, its all bullshit. mind control

  8. MR.M says:

    I hope no one is believing these fake video clips ! These are made in order to build fears in people and it is meant to take advantage of each one later in future! Same way they created so many different enemies after WWII. No one should even share these kind of BS with others!!
    Emazing! As soon as the name of NASA is appearing in a video clip, the number of people whtching the clip will raise like damn and more and more thinking that it must be real things!!

  9. you can't just piece together. a bunch of shot and call it proof

  10. Larry Smith says:

    Intelligent life may well exist somewhere. But certainly not here.

  11. there are no demons

  12. Amazing Video, Alien Disclosure is closer than ever. The countries of this earth can no longer cover up the sightings.

  13. Saved Light says:

    they are calling God and his people Aliens My youtube channel For Deep detailed Info on the Devil worshiping Wicked in The Bible followers of the evil vatican/babylon and anti-christ

  14. Ty Clark says:

    Don't be deceived folks, for in the End Times mans hearts will fail them n many rich n poor will be deceived n fearful of what's to come upon that dewell from the earth. Jesus is Coming Again an many will not leave with Him. John3:16

  15. P. de W. says:

    From 12:45 lol, one "saucer" plomps in the water on two different places. And why is the video as bad like it's is caught on video like in the year 1850? And fuck fishers. And why the goddamn music again who played more then 10.000 times in equal so many video's?

  16. I disprove of everyone calling them aliens, its a false statement they are extra terrestrial beings. And we all think of them as mean fuckers that will invade us. In my perspective we are actually remarkable beings that humans dont understand.

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