The Wicked Aircraft Watching Spot Under The Approach. ” RIAT 2016 “


Went to RIAT this year for the first time in 11 years and had some good fun, saw some planes I’d never seen before, and this is what I managed to catch on …


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  1. Chris lawton says:

    The girl at 4:35 made an excellent video even better!

  2. Lovely bit of perving at 4:50

  3. apexxy says:

    Best part, F-4 at 3:10

  4. 吉野政男 says:


  5. Jef Blogs says:

    who flies Phantoms?

  6. Ian Brown says:

    Having a laugh at the comments, seems like everybody including myself picked up on the scene at 4.30 mins, and I don't think that was your granny Bob lol

  7. johnopal316 says:

    And what exactly is RIAT?

  8. Jay Cornell says:

    Mmmh if that's what you like doing

  9. mboiko says:

    The highest performing platform was clearly at 4:30….

  10. MrStretchmj says:

    at 27 seconds in thats me with the black baseball cap on haha

  11. drbeekjeek says:

    1:52 sounds like something out of starwars

  12. I always enjoy your videos so much!!!

  13. xMaT-eO says:

    4:30 : "Look.. At.. This.. Plane.. It's a nice plane.. A really nice plane.. I really like it.. Yeah.. Definitely.." xD

  14. Very cool video my friend the trips are just very impressive !!

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