The World At War-Episode 03.France Falls (May – June 1940) World War II Documentary


3 .”France Falls (May – June 1940)” 14 November 1973 French politics, the Maginot Line, the Saar Offensive, Blitzkrieg warfare and the Nazi invasion of France …


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  1. Matt 18 says:

    Great documentary series

  2. Matt 18 says:

    Great documentary series

  3. thanks keep them coming

  4. Raul Santana says:

    the best WW II series ever.Very Impressive'

  5. BORN SLIPPY says:

    larry Olivier voice is mesmorising..awesome television ,best siries ever..

  6. Great stuff indeed but the cheap soundtrack drives me to distraction with its cliched band marching music, its Stuka wailing and Franco/Anglo babble in the background.

  7. best episode of the entire series.

  8. WWI really took the fight out of France. Where their generals in WWI always believed in the attack & this thinking led to frightening losses. It's ironic that in 1914… they should stayed on the defensive but in 1939-40, they should have attacked while Hitler had had his armies in Poland. Hitler would have been defeated.

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