The World Order Ruled By Money and Myths



It truly is just about laughable when thinking about how effortlessly men and women are fooled. It won’t make a difference how much information and facts is obtainable the majority feel unable to get their heads all over fact. That is mainly because they are mind-washed and besotted by myths, most of which come from ancient ideas associated to the after-everyday living. Leaders who tortured and murdered and grew in wealth impressed their followers to such an extent that they turned gods.

It truly is happening these days where some nations are dominated by such ‘chiefs’. Kings who get armies into struggle are murderers. Presidents who raid and conquer other nations are killers. Leaders who transform their backs on determined men and women are also accountable for decline of everyday living. Undertaking their bidding are adult men and women of all ages serving on the basis that it is God’s will.

This is what the Planet Buy is dependent on. There is no justification for what this planet faces besides that it is the fault of and disinformation pervading the establishment. The politician who passes legislation with his possess beliefs in thoughts is as guilty as these who pull the set off.

Truth is stranger than fiction and it is the latter, thus, that rules the working day. Logic and frequent feeling make only modest indents in the hardened minds of the majority. To get into their brains and change their thoughts is like trying to chop down a tree with a tooth choose.

Record demonstrates how folks with information that opposes the establishment tumble by the wayside or surrender all to make a variation. Evidence is constantly needed and even then it may perhaps be overturned by these in authority if it won’t meet up with with their ideas.

The standard misconceptions are purposeful in bringing the environment as we know it to an stop. Very little can survive when the things that feed them are overridden and undermined by stupidity. The Climate and a warming planet are circumstances in place. Individuals in cost, on the other hand, have the ultimate say and funds and position generation rule the working day.

So where do the myths come from? Right after my reincarnation it was my ton to come across out. There is no heaven or hell and still the majority believe that in them. The logic is not there to explain to them to glance up and analyze what they see. Nor do they feel of eternity as anything at all other than in these phrases.

So why glance after the planet when there are better things waiting around for them after death. That is what the dreamers of heaven are hunting toward.

Like so several before me my information is like a tooth choose hitting the tree. Until it is swapped for an axe the tree will survive. Meanwhile no make a difference how foul the air, or how very hot the planet, gentleman will continue on to demolish the setting mainly because of politics dominated by funds and myths.


Supply by Norma Holt

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